Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2nd Grade:

Since we moved here, we have been promised a new K-8 right in the middle of our community!  Mylie did kindergarten and first grade at another school, and we were so excited when our new school opened up this year to start her in second grade!

However, the first day of school was an enormous disappointment for me.  Her class didn't even have a teacher yet.  There was a sub for the first three days!  Long story short, the first day of school I talked to the principal's assistant, then called and talked to someone in the district.  It's extremely unfair and so sad that a second grade class didn't have a teacher when the district knew in PLENTY of time (at LEAST a week, but I think they knew three to four weeks prior).  Although the kids ADORED the substitute, they didn't allow her to stay as the permanent teacher.  And she WAS certified and ready to go!  After talking to someone from the district, they promised me a teacher by Friday.  She showed up Thursday, and to make matters worse, she is pregnant and due in October!  What the heck!  I have nothing against pregnant women, and nothing against her personally, but the situation just got worse.  That means the kids will be getting a sub (or subs) for at LEAST six weeks of the beginning of the school year.  I am a very unhappy parent.  I didn't go complain.  Yet.  Don't know if I will.  I know legally they cannot discriminate against a pregnant woman.  But c'mon!!!  I'm concerned that she's not going to get the same quality education that the other class is.  In fact I know she won't.  I've been a teacher and I've been a sub.  A sub just isn't and can't be as invested as a regular class teacher.  And a pregnant woman, AND a woman with a newborn certainly isn't going to be as invested as she was in years passed.  Poor students.  Poor Mylie.  

But it gets worse.  Mylie thinks the teacher doesn't like her.  She thinks the teacher thinks she's not smart.  And Mylie thinks the teacher is mean.  I'm going to give it two to three weeks and see how it's going by then.  And tonight is back to school night, so I'm hoping to get a little more clarification on the situation.  Sigh.  This is NOT what we signed up for.  Blah.

In good news, Mylie has two best friends right in the neighborhood.  It has become tradition to take beginning of the year photos with them.  It's fun to see how they have grown in two short years.  Unfortunately, one of the cuties moved before second grade.  Here they are:

Christine, Kenedy, Mylie

I love this one!

Official first day photo.  Another tradition:  photo by our front door on the first day of school.

People kept commenting on Facebook that she looks like a teen!  Ha ha!

She's over character stuff.  Last year was a Frozen backpack.  This year had to have turquoise in it!  That thing looks like it weighs 100 pounds!

First day of school in 1st grade. She wore a Sophia the first dress and also wanted to wear it the last day of school.  Well when that came around she had already outgrown wearing character stuff!  She was embarrassed.  Sniff, sniff.

First day of Kindergarten!  They gave the kids their bags and had them decorate them at home.

And the traditional, yearly school photo started here in kinder.  They girls all had the same teacher too!