Monday, January 12, 2009

Smiley Mylie

My mom noticed that Mylie wasn't smiling in any of the pictures in my last post! She wondered if she was stingy with her smiles. The answer is no! She's got darling and goofy smiles. Whatever they look like, I LOVE them!

Mylie likes going to the park to swing and hang out with her buddy Garrett. Aren't they adorable!?

She likes it when Mommy and Daddy are there too.

Some days Mylie can be very lazy. She plays in her PJ's until noon, then FINALLY takes a bath!

She graduated from Baby Bath and is now officially bathing in the Big Tub! She could spend all day in the water, she loves it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas
And the car was so crowded
You couldn't even fit
A bowl of Christmas salad!

We took off to Utah
With the Mumfords by our side
And though Brooklyn threw up
It didn't hurt our pride!

When we got to the house
We'd be sleeping that night
We were all welcomed warmly
With hot cocoa delight.

There was Wannie, Pop, Max,
And Aunt Jeanne too
Who were waiting so patiently
To see little Mylie Loo Hoo.

After kisses and hugs
And food up to our necks
We huddled in the car
To see the Galbraith's next!

Cousin Kamryn adored her
And Addy did too
Acutally the whole Galbraith clan did!
Thank goodness and phew!

Christmas Eve finally arrived
We were all so excited
For we knew what was wrapped
In those gifts that were stripe-ed.

Pajamas I tell you!
Pajamas galore!
Striped ones, Spider Man ones
High School Musical ones and more!

And the Nativity Scene?!
Oh what a sight!
Wish you could have been there
That Christmas Eve night!

Richie and Troy
With hearts like little boys
Couldn't stop playing
With the kiddos Christmas toys!

And not to forget
She saw Grandma Eileen.
Mylie loves to be held
By this nice grandma queen.

All in all
Christmas was a blast
We'll always treasure this memory
From our recent past.

But hold on-wait up
That's not all that went down!
There were others visiting
In Utah town!

Aunt Cassie showed up
And others did too!
Wan and Pop Pop's house
Was like a crowded zoo!

We told stories, ate food
And chatted 'til dawn (okay not really)
And all our little kiddies
Really got along!

Great-grandparents are the best
And Mylie met them all.
The Graves, Blacks, and Newmans
She really had a ball!

We all loved vacation.
We miss everyone!
Hope to see you soon
And we'll have so much fun!