Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Instead of carving pumpkins we let Mylie paint one.  Boring I know.  At least she had fun and next year we will definitely carve!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Missin' My Fam

I got to take some pics of my parents while visiting Oklahoma.  They turned out so good--here are three of my faves.

Bye-Bye Bottle!

Mylie's pediatrician told me that she needed to be off a bottle by 16 months at the latest.  Today Mylie is 27 months and still has a bottle.  (I'm an awesome mom).  I tried once before, and she didn't drink an ounce of milk for 3 days.  I'd give her milk in a cup and she's throw it across the room.  Wonderful.  I gave up.

My sister-in-law gave me an idea about having a bye-bye bottle party.  Richie and I talked to Mylie about this party for over a month, and decided that after we got back from our trip to Oklahoma we'd say bye-bye to her precious bottle!  Tonight we made a special trip to Walmart and let Mylie pick out her new milk cups.  She chose princess cups because she is totally in to princesses right now!  There was no question about it--Tinkerbell, Dora--didn't even get a glance!  Princesses were the front-runners from the get go.

When we got home we unwrapped her cups and she immediately wanted milk in them.  So we put milk in one, then invited her to throw her bottles in the garbage!  (Which I got out later for hiding because bottles are NOT cheap!)  I couldn't believe it but she actually threw them away, one-by-one, with a smile on her face.  I think she was smiling because we were cheering and clapping and making a huge deal of the ordeal.  Nice.

Even bed time was smooth sailing.  We gave her some milk in a cup, she drank it up and didn't ask for a bottle.  AND she stayed in her bed.  (Which we have been working tirelessly on since we moved to California and she transitioned to a big-girl bed.)  Aaaaaa.   Let's hope for peace tomorrow, I kind of doubt it...

And those of you who know us well also know that we have a finger sucking problem too.  Not Mylie sucking her finger, but MY finger. (And occasionally Richie's finger).  Yes, it's weird, it's gross, it gets great looks, laughs, questions about teething, and I have even been told by a stranger to stop, but it has been her soothy pretty much since day one.  Soooo we decided to kill two birds with one stone tonight and say good-bye to our precious fingers as well.  She "took" our fingers off and threw them in the garbage as well.  I think this finger thing will be harder than the bottle.  She wanted our fingers during "Wizard of Oz" and she begged for mine at bed time.  Sigh.  Did I mention it's not only a habit for her but for me too???  Yup, it's great.  We're in public and she throws a fit or has a melt down--in goes the finger and everything is better.  She gets hurt--oh, there's that finger, shushes her almost immediately.  One o'clock church and she needs a nap, finger time!  It works for EVERYTHING.  But I guess all good things (and bad things...) must come to an end.  Wish us luck!