Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo Shoot

Mylie had never had her pictures taken professionally until last week! My mom knew of a fantastic photographer, so we scheduled to have Mylie's pics taken. I was so excited I had to go get her a new outfit. I don't have the pics yet, but I attempted my own photo shoot with my boring camera. For not having a great camera, these pics are pretty cute. I can't wait to get the amazing ones though! I wish I was a photographer!

Before, During and After

My mom and I took on a big project one day while we were visiting. Since my parents just moved into a new home, my mom has much work to do--painting, decorating, etc. (Although I think it already looks fabulous!) Anyway, all the walls were white to we took on the task of painting the kitchen, breakfast nook, and utility room. We started around 9 am and didn't finish until around 11 pm. What a day, I LOVE a finished product! Here are some before, during and after shots.


Mylie and I flew to Oklahoma to visit my family for a week. We had so much fun! Mylie adores Papa, Grandma Jo, Aunt Cassie, and Aunt Lisa! She loved spending as much time as possible outside throwing rocks, banging rocks on rain gutters, throwing and fetching balls, riding her little bike, and bouncing on the trampoline. She also loved going to the park with Papa and watching the ducks at the pond. What fun! We love visiting our family!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Projects

I've taken on a new hobby. Sewing. I inherited a wonderful sewing machine and was very interested in learning to sew. My friends Karli was excited about this too because she wanted a sewing buddy! She taught me how to sew these cute little bloomers for Mylie, and also a little dress that I don't have a picture of yet.
I was inspired by a couple friends to make a quiet book as well. This has really been a fun project that keeps me busy (as if I'm not busy with Mylie) and gives me something to create and have fun with! Can't wait to finish, but then what?! I'll need another project! Guess I'll have to take on wood carving or pottery or something like that! Or I could get back in to blogging more often again!

Mylie's Newest

Mylie has grown in so many ways. She keeps me on my toes and certainly keeps us laughing.

1. Mylie started walking around 11 months, and is now a pretty good little runner too.
2. She still loves books, especially Richie's Gospel Principles book in which she can simply shuffle through the pages. That keeps her occupied for quite a long time.
3. She loves playing in her crib--as long as we're in the room with her. She holds on to the rails, jumps, giggles, and plays peek-a-boo with her blankets. She also lies down in her crib and goes crazy kicking, wiggling, shaking her head like crazy and making funky noises.
4. Every single day Mylie makes her way into our bedroom, finds Richie's alarm clock, opens up his night stand drawer and places the alarm clock inside the drawer. Then she closes it and her task is complete. I think she's taken on her Grandma Jo and Great Grandma Wannie's traits. PUT YOUR THINGS AWAY! Richie and I get a good laugh about that every night when he goes to set his alarm clock and it's not where is should be.
5. She is communicating what she wants fairly well. She has learned to sign eat, more, water, milk, all done, again, please, and thank you.
6. Mylie makes animal sounds of a duck, fish, dog, pig, monkey, elephant, dinosaur and lion, and even makes the sounds of a car and tractor!
7. Her words that have meaning are now "dada, mama, duck, and hot." I think she tries to say "I love you" too.
8. Mylie loves being chased. Tell her to run and she'll take off with a squeal.

We just love our little lady and really enjoy every stage of her development!

Fun Times

We really had a fun summer with all we got to do, places we got to visit, and people we got to spend time with. Oklahoma and Utah were our highlights, but we've also really enjoyed spending time with friends here in Tucson.
At the end of July my good friend Kristin and husband David and son Adam drove through Tucson on their way to Oklahoma. We had the pleasure of having them stay a night! We had so much fun catching up, chatting, and taking a morning swim. David even went on a morning jog. HOT!

We went camping with several families on Mt. Lemmon. We had a ball. Especially the night when all the kids kept each other up all night long with their waking up and crying (all the kids) or even giggling! Who giggles at 3:30 am? Oh, that would be Naomi and Gabe! With no naps and exhausted little kids, we didn't hear a peep the second night! Yay for a much better night's sleep. We also played games (our favorite being Sterling's rendition of the Newlywed Game) ate a bunch of food, walked around the lake (looks more like a very small pond though), and watched our kiddos throw sand all over their heads and their friends' heads. Fun times! We'd do it again!