Thursday, July 24, 2008

Giving Birth

I've had a few requests to tell about our birthing experience! Well it was quite the ordeal but we've all come out just fine!
Monday night, the 14th about 11:45 I began to feel REAL contractions! We arrived at the hospital a little after 1:00 am and I sat in triage room for almost 2 hours while they monitored my contractions and Mylie's heart. Contractions were horribly painful! Finally they admitted me and asked if I wanted an epidural. Of course I said, "YES! As soon as possible!" It was wonderful once the epidural kicked in. I still had a little window of pain in my stomach, but it was bearable. However, the epidural stopped working and my pain was even worse! I was doing something I thought I would never do...crying uncontrollably, moaning, and groaning! I personally think the pain from contractions is worse than the pain from breaking a bone. So my anesthesiologist gave me a new epidural. After 30 more minutes of enduring the pain, I realized this epidural was not going to work either. When everyone was out of the room, Richie gave me a blessing. Then in came the anesthesiologist to give me a third epidural. Miraculously this one took effect immediately. I was incredibly grateful!
At 7:30 am Doctor Chen came in. I loved this doctor! He wasn't my doctor, but I liked him better than mine, and I felt so comfortable with him. He broke my water, then my nurse gave me some Pitocin to induce my labor (I wasn't dilating very well!)
By noon I was dilated to an 8, and my nurse didn't even check me again until 4:15 pm! Richie and my mom were not happy with her, but didn't show it. I was then dilated to a 10 and fully effaced, ready to push! I pushed and pushed for THREE hours. I was so thirsty and exhausted. During the three hours, my blood pressure went up, and Mylie's heart rate went from 160 and worked it's way up to almost 200 bpm. It was really scary. Finally Dr. Chen came back. He called for a double team of nurses from NICU for when Mylie would be born. He said, "Well looks like you've been pushing for just under 2 hours." Wrong! Either the nurse had confused the time or she lied to him to save her hiney because of Mylie's and my condition. Dr. Chen said I had 2 options: 1. Try the vacuum or 2. Get a c-section. I opted for choice one, and within 4 pushes and a 4th degree tear, Mylie finally entered our world! She was born Tuesday, July 15 at 7:34 pm. LONG day, but it was the most joyous feeling and honestly I felt this immediate and immense love for our little girl.
It was immediately discovered that Mylie's heart was wacky. Fast, slow, skipping beats, totally irregular. They let me hold her for a few seconds then rushed her off to NICU. Richie was able to go with them. Then they noticed between gasps and coughs that she was also having a problem with her respiratory system. When they reached NICU and the nurses were working on her, Richie slipped his finger in her little hand and she held on to it the whole time. Richie fought his tears really hard. The nurses told him he could talk to her--perhaps she would recognize his voice. But he couldn't do it because he knew he'd burst into tears and be very embarrassed. However he did feel a special connection with Mylie right away.

Later that day when Richie and I visited Mylie, he gave her a blessing. Soon enough her heartbeat was regular and her respiratory system seemed to be normal too. What a blessing! She was still on antibiotics in case she had some type of infection. Forty-eight hours after the culture, we discovered it was negative.
There was a good chance that Mylie was going to stay in the hospital and we'd have to go home without her. The Lord heard our prayers though. We had a very great desire to bring her home with us and were very worried that we wouldn't be able to. Late Friday afternoon, all three of us, as a family, FINALLY got to go home.

Through this rough experience, my faith was immensely strengthened. I am incredibly grateful for the priesthood and the power of prayer. I am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord and his watchful care over us. I am so blessed to have a husband who is worthy, who holds the priesthood and can bless his family with it, and who loves so deeply and unconditionally.

Look how she's grown!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Mylie

We love our little girl so much!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She's Here!

Well, it wasn't easy but she made it. I'll let Angie post all the details later but we're excited to finally have Mylie Joleen Whitaker! She's 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19 1/2 inches. Here she is:

Saturday, July 12, 2008


My due date is today. All I can say is I am still looking like this...minus the smile.

Need I even express how I feel? I think many of you may understand. My baby countdown is going to go into negative numbers tomorrow...aargh!


Tucsonians look forward to monsoon season all year long! The storms have come a little early this year and it is wonderful! One night I swear it stormed all night long. It seemed that every time I woke up to tinkle, it was raining! I love the sound of those big drops of water beating on the warm earth. I love it as it taps gently at my window. I looked out the window each time I woke and thought that the water was very possibly going to start leaking through my door crack! Luckily not, but in the morning, what a glorious sight to take in! I went on a morning walk around the apartment complex and marveled at the beauty of the desert after her long awaited drink. To many it may not seem that wonderful, but after living here a while, the "greens" have actually begun to look green to me! I now see several of the shades. And oh the smell of the desert after a monsoon...! Behold, the desert! (Okay so our apartment complex may cheat a little, but still!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh, it's Normal

Don't worry, anything on this list (or more) that you experience during pregnancy is completely normal!

Abdominal pain
Pelvic pressure
Weight gain
Super sensitive sense of smell
Bleeding gums
Carpal tunnel
Dizziness and fainting
Excessive salivation
Frequent urination
Gas and bloating
Hair and nail changes
Itchy skin
Leg cramps
Lower back pain
Cramped insides
Kicked in the ribs
Round ligament pain
Shortness of breath
Skin darkening
Stuffy nose
Swollen extremities
Sleepless nights
Varicose veins
Vision changes
Foot growth
Development or growth of moles
Braxton-Hicks contracions
Postpartum depression

Well it's a good thing we don't have to experience ALL of those things. Count all that have applied to you! Let me know how many of these pregnancy symptoms you experienced! My count is 27! I'm sure there are many more that I didn't really want to add to this list...self-explanatory.