Friday, September 26, 2008


I am generally a happy person.
I think about nature a lot.
I know I want more children.
I want a house and all new furniture.
I dislike mean people.
I miss my family in Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, California, Maryland, and North Carolina!
I fear looking stupid, because I honestly feel like I am!
I feel sleepy.
I hear country music.
I smell my house.
I crave sugar.
I cry on rare occasions.
I usually drive because the car seat base is in my car.
I search for new ways to make money.
I wonder why I can't control my sugar cravings.
I regret not working out every day.
I love Richie and Mylie!
I care about my friends.
I always want to go on vacation.
I worry about Mylie when I am away from her.
I am not usually a worry wart.
I remember events in my life that have been photographed.
I believe I have a good heart.
I I never dance. I just wish I could.
I sing every day!
I don't always say I love you enough.
I argue when I am not in control of myself.
I write mostly on my blog. It's such a great motivator to keep an online journal.
I win when I control my physical desires.
I lose when I let in to my physical desires.
I wish I were a photographer, artist, or musician.
I listen to Mylie's cries and try to figure out what they mean.
I don't understand math, politics, or science.
I can usually be found at home or outside.
I am scared of somebody coming over when my house isn't up to par.
I need a cook.
I forget almost everything!
I am happy because I choose to be!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little Miss Stubborn!

Mylie is now 9 weeks and weighs 12 pounds! She has gained an average of 8.7 oz a week. She's got chubby little cheeks and legs and arms. We call her our little piglet. She can roll from her back to her side. She smiles a lot and almost has a real giggle. She tries to laugh and it's so cute! She likes to look at books, listen to music and singing, and be held. She likes to go outside and on short walks in her stroller. She doesn't like to be put down much, and she especially hates tummy time. She'll cry for quite a while after that tortuous activity! I put her in my little baby carrier that straps on my body and holds her to do my chores. She likes to vacuum with me. Her favorite toy is a stuffed elephant with different patterns all over it's body and ears. She has something in common with Albert Einstein. When she wakes up or rides in her car seat, she magically has crazy hair! She loves Richie. When I can't get her to sleep, I hand her over to Richie and she's usually out within about 5 min. She is as stubborn as can be. She REFUSES to go down...bed time OR nap time...unless she is breastfed, even if she's not hungry! I didn't even start out doing that, but that's the only way to get her down anymore. Yesterday was awful. She took a 1 1/2 hour nap in the morning, and two 30 minute naps in the afternoon. THEN she wouldn't go to bed until 11:00 pm. She was SO whiny! At her last Dr. appointment he said, "Well you've certainly got a little lady with a personality!" I think he meant to say that she was stubborn. Yeah, he did.

That's some crazy hair for ya!

And for some great news, Mylie is going to have a new cousin in June! That's right folks, Aunt Cassie is pregnant! And not to mention, Aunt Patrice is having a baby girl in November...we can hardly wait!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mylie is TC!

When I went to Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) my roommates and I loved to use letters to express certain words. For example, TC meant totally cute, or totally cool, GP (this one's bad!) meant gay potential. I'm sorry, but there were a few weird dudes who totally had GP! And yes, we were usually talking about guys when we did this! We did this all the time, and would randomly make up new ones in which our other roomies would have to guess what we were saying...remember this Kim, Lauren, Atalie, Jamie, Kate, and Allie? So today, I found some pictures in which I think Mylie looks TC!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go Mighty Cougars!

Today was BYU's second game of the season against Washington. Mylie got all decked out in her BYU outfit that Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Joni gave her. The shirt says, "You're Lookin' at One Cute Cougar!"
We went to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Schuyler's house to watch the game, and as you can see, Mylie couldn't wait to watch it!

With the yummy food...

And good company...

Mylie was thoroughly enjoying the game in her daddy's lap.

Until sleepiness got the best of her!

I guess next week we'll have to put more caffeine in her bottle!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a Blessing!

Mylie was blessed in our ward yesterday! Our wonderful family came: Grandma Joni and Grandpa Kevin, Aunt Lisa, Grandma Eileen and Grandpa Doug, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Troy, cousin Landon, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Schuyler, Great Grandma Wannie and Great Grandpa Pop Pop. We had some great friends attend the blessing as well...Emily and Trymm's family, Richie's classmates: Kim and Jason, Aileen, Becca, Fadyeh, Richie's professor Dr. Lee, and four of my darling students from last year: Shelbi, Robbie, Jack, and Nathanael!
Mylie looked beautiful in the dress that Grandma Eileen gave her.

This is Mylie with her wonderful grandparents!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died so we didn't get any pictures with Mylie and her great grandparents, Mylie with her aunts and uncles, or Mylie with US! Sad! Hopefully our parents can send us the pictures they got with their cameras.