Sunday, February 12, 2012

Number 3

It may be a little crazy that I'm pregnant with baby #3, with my #2 baby only being 10 months old.  But for some reason the timing for #3 is supposed to be now, not later.  And I'm okay with that.  I'd love for this baby to be a boy so he and  little Michael could be best buddies.  But at the same time, we've got a girl name picked out.  (I know you're wondering--Emmy Lucille.)  Boys names are MUCH harder for us.  Well, especially for Richie.  I had a list of names I liked for Michael.  Richie's list consisted of Rockwell and...well I can't remember the other name, but let's just say I didn't approve.  Back to this baby, he/she will be just 18 months younger than Michael, which sounds really hard to me.  I just hope he/she is as easy a baby as Michael has been.

We took the kids out to a field last weekend and I had high hopes in getting some adorable shots of them.  Well I did get a few but not as many as I had wanted.  And I didn't get ANY good pics of Mylie by herself.  Michael made up for that though, he was cute as can be, and Mylie was as stinker-ish as can be.