Monday, July 18, 2011

Mylie Turns 3

Mylie's at that age now where she gets excited for upcoming events.  Holidays, birthdays, etc.  We'd been talking about her upcoming birthday for about 2 months.  She was always asking questions about it, talking about when it was her birthday...then, telling us what she wanted, saying that she wouldn't ever be 2 again (which actually made her a little upset, she said she wanted to be 2 forever!), practicing putting 3 fingers up and more! 

The night before her birthday she was super excited.  We told her when she woke up in the morning it would be her birthday...little did we know she would be up at 3:00 in the morning!  She came into our room and asked, "Is it my birthday now?"  To which we responded, as nicely as one can at 3 am, "No Mylie it's not your birthday yet.  Go back to bed."  She disappeared.  Around 4:15 when Richie got up with Michael he went in the living room where he discovered Mylie rolling around on the couch, still awake.  We thought she was rolling with excitement, but due to a conversation we had with her yesterday, she was actually trying to hide from Richie!  Ha ha!  She asked Richie if she was 3 yet.  She asked if it was her birthday and if she could open her presents.  She wasn't about to go back to bed.  That's when I got up and took her to her room and laid down with her.  I knew I needed to get her back to sleep before the sun started showing AT ALL, because once there's the slightest bit of sunlight, Mylie demands it's time to wake up.  But if she's sleeping through the light, she sleeps longer.  So as the nice mommy that I am, I told her that if she didn't go back to sleep right now, no presents in the morning.  And guess what, she went to sleep.

We got up at 7:30 (and that's sleeping in for us!)  Mylie didn't want to wait until the evening to open her presents so we did it right then.  She had been asking for a bike, so we got her a princess bike and Dora helmet.  She ended up liking the helmet more than the bike!  We did get the bike a little big because it was either get a 10-inch princess bike or a 16-inch.  There were no 12 or 14 inch princess bikes.  Luckily her feet still touch the pedals.  And the bike will last her longer.  It was pretty hilarious taking her to ride for the first time.  She kept pedaling backwards which would stop her abruptly.  She would watch her feet instead of where she was going and run into bushes, grass, benches, etc.  I was trying pretty hard not to laugh.

When Richie got home from work we went to Chuck E. Cheese, which Mylie was dying to do.  She had a ball, and Michael was perfect.  Side note:  I have the most wonderful little boy!  He is the best baby ever!

After that we had cake and ice cream--and Mylie was super excited about the traditional, big cupcake for her birthday.  She kept reminding me that it would be pink.  My cake decorating skills are still pretty awesome.  I'll see my sister this week, so hopefully she'll provide me with some good tips!

And now, the pictures, in no particular order.  In fact, pretty well OUT of order. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm glad to report that my kids are getting better from their coughs, and Michael from the whooping cough.  Michael no longer does the scary/weird sounding cough, and barely coughs at all throughout the day.  Richie thinks he never had whooping cough to begin with since the county health department told me the test results were positive but inconclusive.  Hmmm.  Regardless, I'm so happy this is all passing.  I can sleep again without jumping out of bed to sit my coughing baby upright. 

I cut my little Michael's pretty brown hair and now he's blond!  Had to take a few pics of the little guy, and Mylie, of course naked, had to be in a picture too.  I wouldn't want it any other way!

Sweet Smile

I love the "suck face".  Always wanted to take a picture of the face while breastfeeding but for obvious reasons I never did that.  It's just so dang cute!

I love this sweet picture

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

I LOVE the 4th of July.  It's my other favorite holiday.  You know, besides Christmas!

Perhaps it's the patriotic feeling I get (which to be quite honest, I don't feel too much of the rest of the year), decking out--head to toe--in red, white and blue, or the magnificent music that truly makes me feel proud to be an American!

But it may be the yummy smells the grill emanates, the splashing and playing in and out of the pool--EVERYONE hops in on this special occasion, or the company of friends and family.

Or maybe it's the spectacular displays of fireworks accompanied by the loud booms that you feel pounding within your own body.  Sometimes I can't help but "ooooo!" and "aaaaaah!" out loud.  And it's always a little disappointing when the fireworks come to an end, but at least I have next year to look forward to!

Let's be honest here, it's all of these!  It started in my childhood--spending time with extended family.  Morning parade.  Suncreen.  Pool time.  Barbeque.  Watermelon.  Corn on the cob.  Popsicles.  Cousins.  Listening to adult conversations.  Cards.  Games.  Water balloons. FUN.

But my all time favorite thing to do on my other favorite holiday was attend (uh um...drum roll) The Stadium of Fire!  Some may not be impressed by this glorious production, held annually at the Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah.  But I am thoroughly impressed each and every time I get to go.  Sadly, it has been a few years since I have been able to go as I do not live in Utah anymore, and my husband isn't as awestruck by the production as I am.  But I hope that someday I can start to take my kids to it and help them love this holiday as much as I do.

Some things I love and remember about the Stadium of Fire:
Patriotic presentations
Jets flying really low over the stadium
Stomping our feet on the bleachers
The "wave"
The Osmonds
Pledge of Allegiance
Beach Boys
Motorcyclist on the tightrope
Martina McBride
Human cannonballs
Reba McIntire
High diver
FIRE--lots of it!
Fireworks WITH patriotic music (they are ALWAYS better with patriotic music!)

Well you'd think that I got to go this year since I am talking all about it.  But no.  Not the case.  We did have a fun day though!  A stake breakfast and short presentation, swimming and barbeque with some friends, and fireworks on the grass that evening.  I loved how Mylie kept saying, "Mommy, I'm excited for the fireworks!"  Maybe I can trick her in to loving the 4th as much as I do so we can share in our anticipation and excitement for it in years to come.

Thanks Mom and Dad, for creating such wonderful memories for me.

Happy Independence Day!

It was so hot at the stake breakfast, Mylie attempted to cool herself down with a leaf/

I love this swim outfit.  Thanks Gwama Ameen!

Almost ready to go see fireworks!