Saturday, March 29, 2008


Thank you, muchas gracias, obrigada, merci, danke, mahalo, grazie, arigato, sha ja! I am not normally outwardly very sentimental, however as I am feeling very blessed, I feel it is quite appropriate that I share my thoughts and feelings. As many of you may know, we are expecting a baby in July. And as many of you may NOT know, we are also expecting a lot of debt due to student loans, as we have decided that I will stay home with our baby instead of being the breadwinner of the family. On that note, stress levels in our home have reached an all time high, money has become a serious issue, but our belief in our decision remains to be what we feel is the right thing for us to do.
So why all the gratitude? I tell you what, when you're striving to do what's right, the Lord really looks out for you. The way He is blessing us at this time is through others' love, generosity, kindness, and Christ-like characters.
At the beginning of our pregnancy, reality began to set in. We'd have a lot we needed to get, and with what money? A crib, mattress, bedding, bassinet, baby tub, car seat, stroller, bouncer, clothes, bottles, pump, dresser, etc, etc, etc.
Blessings have been poured upon us. Truly! My parents purchased us a crib. Richie's sister Rachel and brother-in-law Troy have given us a crib mattress, bassinet, and clothing galore! My sister Cassie has given us a tub and a baby bouncer! My Aunt Maxine made us a darling blanket and burp cloth. A lady in my ward offered us a brand new stroller she said they never used. A man I work with donated a dresser to us. Richie's brother Ryan helped us by picking it up in his truck. A grandmother of one of my students offered us a wonderful slider/rocking chair. Richie's classmates gave us a couple gift certificates, baby clothes, and wash cloths. One of my students gave us a gift bag full of baby necessities and fun things. My sister-in-law Schuyler's mother Deniece made us a darling blanket. We have been blessed. And I don't even think this is the end of it.
I have no doubt in my mind that if you are truly striving to do what's right, the Lord will bless you. He wants to. I realize I often don't give as much recognition in this fact as I should, but the truth remains. He loves me. He loves you. He loves us. And for that knowledge I am incredibly grateful. So again, Thank you, muchas gracias, obrigada, merci, danke, mahalo, grazie, arigato, sha ja! I love you all!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Spring in Chicago--2005

I LOVE spring!!! Some of you may be thinking it's not spring've still got snow on the ground don't you? And cold weather. And disappointing clouds. Well I don't really know when the first official day of spring is, but with Easter approaching, it is spring to me! And not to mention the beautiful weather here in Tucson. Something I will thoroughly enjoy before June, July, August, and September hit. That's when it's unbearably hot and completely miserable. Hope spring springs for you soon!

Spring at Thanksgiving Point in Utah--2007

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Best Day Ever!

You may think this is a random time for a wedding day blog, considering it's not our anniversary or even Valentines Day. Well you're right. It is a random time. However you can never talk about the best day ever too much. Who wouldn't love the memory of a mariachi band playng in your grandparents' backyard while eating taquitos, churros, and sipping on a virgin margarita? Since it is already so warm here in Tucson, and Richie's latest talent has been to imitate excellent Mexican trumpet songs with his lips, I can't help but think of the best day ever--our wedding day. So my friends, if you missed our wedding day, shame on you. You missed the best wedding reception ever created by man. Actually mostly women. We'll give credit to my parents, my mother-in-law, my grandmother, my Aunt Donna and Uncle Darryl, my sister-in-law Rachel, my long-time friend Mariah, and of course myself.

Our Wedding Day