Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Little Buddy

I feel like I posted so much about Mylie and have totally neglected my sweet little boy.  What a meanie I am.  So I'm taking a minute to highlight what I love about my little Michael!

Michael is truly sweet.  He loves to cuddle with me, which is something Mylie really never liked.  Even though sometimes I want to put him down to get some things done around the house, I also cherish the moments when we are sitting together and cuddling.

Michael is learning to walk.  It's the cutest thing!  Every time he takes some steps, he's giggling so much it makes him tip over.  But he gets right back up and does it again.  So determined!

He's so smiley.  All I have to do is look at him and he bursts into a great, big, happy grin.  Couldn't make a mommy happier.

Michael loves to climb.  The other day we had a barbecue with some friends at our park.  I got a little distracted and forgot to watch Michael.  (See, awesome mom).  In the meantime he climbed up the playground equipment and helped himself down the slide on his tummy.  He JUST turned one!  It cracked us up!

Michael has almost 10 teeth.  He LOVES to eat.  But not baby food.  He never has liked it.  His favorite food right now?  Corn dogs!  He chomps those things down in like 60 seconds flat.  He also likes peas, strawberries, bananas, grapes, cereal, toast, cookies, spaghetti, and pretty much anything else I allow him to attempt to eat.

Michael loves dancing with his daddy.  Daddy is a music lover.  Almost every day after work he comes home, turns on some tunes and dances with the kids.  They love it, and I'm pretty sure he does too.

Michael adores his sister Mylie.  Although he often flinches when she gets too close, (ha ha!) she can make him laugh pretty dang hard.  Crazy faces and sounds, silly dancing, running up to him quickly, shouting boo, etc.  She also likes to share her suckers with him, blow bubbles at him, push him in his stroller, "help" him walk, cuddle with him and hold his hand.  She's a pretty sweet girl too.

Michael loves bottles.  Milk, water and air are drinks of his choice!  Neither of my kids got attached to a binky, but sweet Michael might die without his bottle.

He also couldn't live without his blankies.  Aiden and Anais blankies that is.  I am glad they are easily replaceable because I can see those things turning to rags the way my boy loves them.  I often see him spot a blanket on the ground, quickly get over to it and bury his face in it while giggling and kicking his legs with joy.  He sleeps with a couple close to his face, holding his bottle in one hand and his blanky in the other.  Other times he likes to find a sweet spot and just suck on the blanket.  Silly boy!

Michael loves his sleep.  Ah, just what a momma dreams of.  He certainly lets me know when he's ready for a nap or bed time.  I can read him like a book.  Super grumpy, whiney and clingy.  Oh!  Bed time!!!

I am feeling a bit guilty about having baby number 3 so close in age to Michael because I feel like Michael will totally be gypped on his time with me.  He will be 18 months when baby comes, sad!  But for some reason it was right to have this baby when we are, so I'm sure Michael will be fine.  All is well.  All is well.