Friday, May 30, 2008

God Be With You Kolby, Till We Meet Again

Do You Remember?

I remember the day you told me you were going to have a baby. The joy in your voice was so contagious! I was so excited to have my first little niece or nephew!
I remember how sick you felt, but it didn’t matter! You were fulfilling a dream! Having a baby and being a mommy.
I remember your tummy growing rounder and rounder, a little baby growing right inside you!
I remember the day you found out your baby was going to be a little boy. I secretly cried in my heart for happiness!
I remember you placing my hand on your stomach so I could feel the little fellow moving all around. You loved that part, I remember.
I remember your shower, how we all squished in my little apartment and showered you with gifts in anticipation of your new arrival!

I remember when you had early contractions and I got to take you to the hospital. I knew he needed more time for development, but I really wanted him to be born right then! It’s a good thing he waited until he was ready.
I remember your scheduled day of c-section. I couldn’t describe how ecstatic I was to see the newest member of our family!
I remember rushing to the hospital on little Kolby’s arrival. I couldn’t wait to see him and hold him.
I remember walking into your hospital room. You had the biggest smile on your face! Your joy radiated and lit up the entire place!

I remember holding Kolby for the first time and almost crying.
I remember you trying to breast feed Kolby. It was so hard for you, but you knew it was the best thing you could do for him, so you struggled through it!
I remember how much pain you were in from the c-section. But in your eyes, it was worth the pain to bring Kolby into the world and give him life!

I remember watching you care for Kolby and was so impressed with what a natural nurturer you were.
I remember when Kolby got really sick and had to spend a few days in the hospital. We were all so frightened, but I tried to act like everything was going to be okay. You were always there for him.
I remember having to go teach everyday, but wishing that I could baby-sit Kolby instead!

I remember how hard it was for you to attend church without your husband, but you took your little boy anyway, you knew it was right.
I remember how I just wanted to cuddle Kolby all throughout church! But when he started crying I could just give him to you, and you had the magic touch.
I remember Kolby’s blessing day. All our relatives showed up and we were all so proud to show off your little boy.
I remember Kolby’s adorable chubby cheeks. I just wanted to kiss them all the time!
I remember seeing Kolby smile for the first time. I couldn’t stop giggling!
I remember when I had to move away from Utah and you guys. I was so sad to have to leave my sister and only blood nephew behind!
I remember when your family drove to Arizona to visit us. I couldn’t wait to see Kolby!
I remember how Kolby had such a pleasant personality, and only cried when he was hungry, poopy, or tired.
I remember how you would roll around on the floor and Kolby would copy and roll right along with you!
I remember being so excited to see him crawl and lift himself up. He was quite the mover!

I remember Kolby’s giggle. You just wanted to keep making him laugh because it filled your own soul with glee.
I remember talking to you on the phone and asking you to have Kolby “talk” to me. I loved all the little noises he would make!
I remember you telling me that it was the most wonderful thing in the world to have a baby and be a mommy.
I remember thinking that you were the best mom.

I remember everyone telling me what a good little mom you were too.
I remember when you took Kolby to Oklahoma to visit and made him the cutest crib bedding!

I remember when your family moved to Oklahoma with Mom and Dad after Bryon’s factory blew up—everyone was so excited to have little Kolby living there!
I remember visiting Oklahoma for Christmas, and one of the things I was most excited for was to see Kolby!

I remember how Kolby was learning to walk. All he ever wanted to do was hold onto somebody’s fingers and walk, walk, walk! We had to take turns.
I remember that one of Kolby’s first words was “hot!” We’d all say “hot!” to him, trying to get him to talk to us.
I remember putting Kolby in the middle of the round table at Mom and Dad’s house, with all of us sitting around him fighting for his attention.
I remember everyone hitting the table with their hands and Kolby smiling, turning ‘round and ‘round to see everyone doing the same thing.
I remember using that same table, putting Kolby on his tummy, holding onto his feet and sliding him back and forth across the slippery surface. Boy did he love that!
I remember when Kolby finally got his first “walker.” Right when you set it up, he knew what to do with it! He walked and walked all around the house! It took him a while to figure out how to actually guide the thing! We would all just sit around watching, giggling, giggling, and giggling!
I remember how much Kolby loved to be read too. That was one way to get him to sit still on your lap and cuddle up!

I remember how Bryon would be lying down on the ground, and Kolby would run over and wrestle with him!
I remember the day we went to get family pictures. Kolby was the little prince. We each wanted an individual picture with him! He was our pride and joy!

I remember Kolby’s first birthday! You planned it a little early so we could all be there to celebrate his life!
I remember you putting the cake in front of Kolby and letting him dig in! At first, he didn’t know what to do! But then he sure had fun getting his hands in the sticky frosting!

I remember that whenever you were in the room, Kolby only wanted you. He was quite the Mama’s boy.
I remember how sweet I thought it was how he would lie his little head on your shoulder and pat your back!

I remember the dreadful phone call I got about Kolby’s accident. I cried and cried.
I remember wishing I could suck all the pain out of you and the family and put it in myself.
I remember praying and praying for a miracle, but letting Heavenly Father know that I knew it was His will, not ours.
I remember having great hope that Kolby would make it.
I remember the second phone call that Kolby had passed away. My heart bled and bled and I just wanted to be there to hold and hug you and help you know everything would be okay.

I know the pain seems unbearable and is unbearable right now. Only time can heal, but Kolby will remain in our minds and hearts in spirit forever. And I know without a doubt, that we will all see him again. I know that he had a wonderful life on earth with a loving and caring family, but also that he is now in a far better place than we could ever imagine! He has our own family members and ancestors with him, so happy that he is back with them! He will surely watch over his Mommy, Daddy, and big brother, and look forward to the day when they join him in the eternities. Until then, he’ll do the work he was meant to do, and take joy in watching his family choose the right and grow in their testimonies, so that he can be with them again, united as a family, for all eternity.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Surprise! I am finally showing you a picture of my very unattractive self. All y'all have been so impatient about this! Like 7 months impatient! So I decided before your patience got the best of you, I had better get a picture on here.

But that's not the only surprise! My students threw me a surprise Baby Shower the day before school got out. Even the boys were saying "Oh!" and "Aw!" to the cute little girly gifts I received. It was so sweet!

Now that school is out, I need something to do! Like projects! I've got a few in mind so far. I am going to paint an old dresser for the baby's room. I want to find some material for curtains that matches the crib bedding. (But my mom will have to do the sewing 'cause I have no idea how to do that!) I want to learn how to make those cute little bows that can attach to headbands. I want to work on my Ecuador scrapbook from years ago. Last, I want to help Richie organize all his thousands of loose papers from school. (They're just in stacks right now, randomly lying around the apartment.) But I'd like some more ideas for fun little projects to do! So I know you all are very talented and have great ideas for me! Please, pass them on! I'd love to hear what you like to do with your free time! (Those of you who actually get it once in a while.) =)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated Richie's 25th birthday on May 17! He knew everything he was getting for his birthday and kept talking about it--he was very excited. Hmmm...I wonder why? Oh, because his gifts had to do with two of the only four things he likes--BYU football and music. So let's check it out. Look how excited he was!

1. BYU Football DVD--Tradition, Spirit, Honor
2. BYU Football Highlight DVD 2007
3. He also got the newest Gnarls Barkley CD!

In the evening we met some friends for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Richie even got to sit on the saddle and get a Texas "YEEEEE HA!" from the whole restaurant. What a good sport!

After the delicious meal we had dessert at our place and Richie got some more fabulous gifts!

An awesome candy gram card, more candy, and a DVD player! Wow! Happy Birthday Richie! What a great birthday, only the BEST ever!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

For Me?

Richie may say that he has no artistic talent, but he is sure creative when it comes to anything else! This is what Richie's Mother's Day card to me said,

"Dear Sweetie,
As a new mother I figure you'll be doing a lot of rocking as you rock the baby to sleep. I also believe you'll be doing a lot of rolling as you push the stroller along. So for Mother's Day, I figured I'd get you something with a little bit of rock and roll. I hope you enjoy! Happy Mother's Day!
(Go check the baby's room)

I'm thinking "Hu? We've got a rocking chair, and what in the world does this mean?"
Any guesses?
It's something I've been wanting for a long time...
That's right folks,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to the best two mothers in the world!
We love you so much and couldn't be more grateful
for your continued love and support toward the two of us.