Monday, December 31, 2007


How you can you explain the excitement, the joy, the whole feeling of being home for Christmas? I looked forward for a year to going home to Oklahoma for the holidays and spending time with family. As the time grew closer my excitement magnified and I could barely contain myself!

The drive was very long and the roads were slick. So slick in fact that as we were rounding a corner to enter a turnpike, our wheels just wouldn't have it. They decided to slip off the road and slide sideways down the dead grass, wet, icy, muddy, mushy, 20 feet steep hill! The car worked relentlessly to work its way back up this unforgiving hill in hopes to make it back on the not-so-kind road (for it would literally die if it missed the BYU bowl game.) After getting stuck a couple times, mud covering our car, and several attempts to 'gun' it up the hill, our car finally made its way to the top of the road, unharmed, yet with a new, darker appearance. Maybe it thought it was some sort of off-roading vehicle, made to defeat the rugged terrain!

We're still here in Oklahoma and don't want to go back to Tucson! Going home just means going back to work and waiting another 6 months for the baby to come.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Cheer

Mom, Cassie, Lisa, Kolby, Michelle

Last Christmas my mom was working part-time occasional in admissions at a hospital here in Oklahoma. She loved it because she pretty much got to choose when she worked and didn't work. Perfect for a mom putting herself back into the world of work after 27 years at home raising children. She still needed her freedom and time. Well, the Christmas schedule came out and of course she wasn't on it, though she felt bad for those who were. One particular lady who told she wouldn't have to work on Christmas, was indeed scheduled to work first thing Christmas morning. This may not seems as horrible as it was if you didn't consider she was a single mother of 2 little boys. In a frenzy she emailed everyone in the area she worked begging for a miracle. My mom's first thought was "Phew I'm glad it's not me that has to work!" But her conscience got the better of her. After consoling with my dad, they decided that my mom would offer to work for this woman Christmas Day. Since my 12 and 16 year old sisters, 21 year old brother, and dad were home, they also decided to take part in going to the hospital. They wanted to bring Christmas cheer to some of the patients there. They borrowed some elf costumes from some people in our ward, (which were actual costumes from the movie ELF) and went on their way with a guitar, songs, and goodies. They absolutely loved the experience and have decided to make this a tradition on Christmas morning. Thus, the pictures of the elves Christmas morning 2007!!!

Cassie and Michelle

Lisa and Kolby

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Baby

Well I've been waiting for something exciting to happen so I could post again. Seems like the only exciting things going on around here are, well, nothing really. But I did go to the doctor today and I did get to see my little baby through the ultrasound! Now I realize this is not quite as exciting to you as it is to Richie and me. But here's what we saw.

The baby seems somewhat real now. The only thing that really felt different before was the constant (no not just morning) but continuous nausea. I am really enjoying it.
We got 3 pics, so why not share them all? Picture number 2:

Wow not much different hu? Well it is when you're watching it live! Yeah, we saw it moving its...can I call it arms and legs?...appendages I suppose may be a better description for now. It even turned a little, and we saw its little heart beating! Richie thinks it's a boy and keeps calling it "him" and "little dude." I really have no clue what it is, but I'm going to say girl so I have a 50% chance of being right and saying, "See! I told you! I knew it all along!" It feels so good to be right sometimes.
Here's the last picture. Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Pregnant!!!

It has finally happened. I am pregnant! I am happy! I am thrilled! I am ecstatic! I know in my brain that I am pregnant, but sometimes it's just hard to really believe it. I feel only 3 differences in my body:

1. I'm tired A LOT
2. I have continuous cramps
3. My back aches

Luckily the cramps are bearable, just more annoying than anything!
According to some website's calculation, I am due July 13.

Here's what my baby looks like:

Isn't it CUTE!? =)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

Okay all you people who are able to think up 6 interesting things about yourselves so easily, that's not fair! This was quite the challenge for me, as I realized I am not that interesting, not that original, and not that creative. I even had to get some ideas from Richie! Here's what we came up with. I'll dedicate numbers 1 to Richie, as he is the creator of the idea.

#1 I am VERY conscious of my personal dental hygeine. I actually love to brush and floss my teeth. By the end of the day, I often comment to Richie, "Oh I have GOT to go brush my teeth, they are so fuzzy!" He thinks that's that strangest thing. Haven't you ever felt like you have fuzz growing on your teeth?

#2 I remember faces VERY WELL. I often see people I "know" by their faces, and I usually go right up to them and say, "I know you!" And I really know that I do know them somehow. I often can't remember how. But the response I get 99 percent of the time is, "Oh! Hmm, I don't think I know you!" Richie's laughs all the time and comments, "You think you know everyone!"

#3 I absolutely HATE drains. I refuse to clean one out, get too close to one, or reach my hand down one to retrieve something I dropped. I would rather clean 25 toilets. Drains are DISGUSTING.

#4 I have a super sensitive sense of smell and sound. EVERYTHING smells! (Good or bad.) I smell stinky kids every day--especially in the morning when they haven't brushed their teeth. I smell their fabulous body odor in the afternoon after recess, and I just smell STINK when I re-enter my classroom at the end of the day. I smell other teacher's coffee breath too(that's one of the worst). I smell funky smells outside--dog poop and such. And I always think I smell smoke in my house from the residents above us. I am always asking Richie to talk a little more quietly, turn the tv down, turn the radio down, etc. The strange thing is, I am always saying "WHAT?" becuase I can't hear, or miss parts of conversations somehow. Go figure.

#5 I secretly love 70's music. I don't know why I get embarrassed about that, but it's probably one of my favorite types. (I really love music PERIOD) To name just a few, I like James Taylor, John Denver, Jim Croce, Bread, Chicago, Stevie Wonder, Carpenters, Ann Murray, Jonathan Edwards, Harry Nilsson, Billy Joel, The Eagles, BJ Thomas, Carole King, America, Abba, Beach Boys, Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, Phil Collins, Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac, and Simon and Garfunkle. I can't think of any more. My parents are proud of me. =)

#6 I want a scooter. BAD.

I tag Rachel, Amy, Kim, Brooke, and MY MOM, as soon as she gets her page! Have fun thinking up 6 interesting things about yourselves! Can't wait to read them!

Friday, November 2, 2007


For Halloween I was a pirate. I wore a ratty black wig that looked totally great on me. So great in fact that one of my students asked me, "So, you didn't brush your hair this morning Mrs. Whitaker?" To which I responded no. She continued, "Well I guess that makes sense. Pirates never brushed their hair anyways since they probably didn't have brushes." I nodded in agreement.

Another student asked, "So, did you dye your hair or something?" Again I said yes. He looked closely and pointed to the side of my head commenting, "Well, you missed a spot!"

Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, Tucson is quite hot. I don't remember it being this hot when I lived here before. Perhaps that was because we went to Utah every summer. I don't know. But it feels like you step into an oven every time you walk outside.
Teaching here is great! The district I am in is awesome. I love the principal and teachers that I work with. I love my little 3rd graders too. They are so sweet!
Today was the first 2007 BYU football game again the University of Arizona. I woke up to Richie reading Cougar Board on the internet. When he saw that I was awake, he started doing a BYU dance. The way he moved was the same way Fui Vakapuna moves after he makes a good play. He puts one knee up at a time, stomps them down, makes fists, and shakes...and grunts...I guess I can't really explain it. But it's funny. And what made it even funnier was that he was doing it in his underwear. I asked him if I could put him doing that on Cougar Board, but he denied my request. Then he talked, and talked, and talked, about all his excitement, worries, concerns, players, etc. He read cougar board again, watched a highlight video of last season, then called his brother and brother in law to talk about the upcoming game. His brother Ryan came over, and they continued to discuss BYU football, the game, the players, the coaches, the conference, and last years' game against Arizona. THEN they watched the highlight video again, and listened to a song they chose as this year's theme song for the cougars. We made our way back over to Ryan's place, where we listened on the internet radio to KSL News Pregame Show...for 2 hours. Then we watched the game for another 3 1/2 hours. There was a lot of arguing with refs, shouting, shaking of the head, jumping around, cheering, and all the time, Richie was standing practically the whole game. Don't you worry, after the game wasn't the end of it. Then it was on to the post-game stuff. Interveiws, radio stuff, Cougar Board, and who knows what else? The next many phone calls were made to people Richie could talk football with. And he did. And this addicted, psychotic, behavior is ongoing, and you wouldn't believe it, but I love it!