Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Head Trauma

I get sucked into horrible stories I hear or see on TV. Not out of, "Wow this is so good!" More like, "Sheesh I can't believe somebody would do something like that!" Once I watched how some high school seniors "oriented" some juniors by pretty much beating the heck out of them, then laughing about it. I've watched how a couple kids meet up to have a fight while somebody else records it and puts it on You Tube. My sister's junior high friend was getting bullied and ended up shooting the bully with a bow and almost killing him. How in the world do things like this really happen? Do you ever think something like this would happen to you or someone in your family?

I just got a call from my dad. The words, "I called to tell you of another trauma that has happened in our family today." Those are ugly, heart-stopping words that I've heard far too many times. This time it's my sweet 15 year-old cousin Max.
He was beat in the head with a bat by a kid from school in Moab, Utah. Cracked his skull. He was life flighted to a hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. He is currently in surgery and they are trying to get the fluid off his brain. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS? I'm still in shock. My heart aches for Max, for my Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Dave, for my Grandparents and everyone else who knows and loves Max. I feel completely helpless as I'm sure everyone else does as well. I'm so worried about his recovery and what lies in the future. Richie and I and other family members just started a fast for Max. We would greatly appreciate any prayers on Max's behalf as well as prayers on the behalf of all of us trying to deal with this horrible tragedy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunny Cali-forn-i-a

We had a fabulous time visiting Richie's sister Patrice and her family in Aliso Viejo, California for spring break last week. They are so fun to be around! Some highlights were hearing middle school stories from 12-year old Joshua, cuddling with 9-year old Amanda while watching American Idol, witnessing 5-year old Aaron's amazing math skills, visiting our newest, beautiful, 4-month old niece Camille, listening to Matt, Joshua, and Aaron yell at the ref's through the tv during the UCLA-VCU basketball game, chatting with Patrice, going to the beach with Patrice, Aaron, and Camille, and visiting the San Diego Zoo.

Mylie did a couple interesting things at the Miller's that she's never done at home. She puked an enormous amount of, well, puke all over their bedroom carpet. Then she pooped and it leaked all over their sheets. Last she peed on their bedroom carpet. There's something kind of okay with doing all of that at your own home, but to be in somebody else's home and have that happen just stinks! Literally!

Mylie absolutely loved the sand at the beach. She kept picking it up and letting it trickle through her fingers--she couldn't get enough of it! She didn't care too much about the zoo, but Richie and I really enjoyed it. Not only are the animals cool, but the scenery is breathtaking!

While in Cali, Mylie's two bottom teeth finally broke through. Richie made the discovery. We had no clue she was teething because she wasn't fussy at all. Why is it so exciting to me that she is getting her first teeth? She's been crawling like crazy and pulling herself up along everything. She pulls everything off our shelves now. I don't even care though, I just think it's completely adorable. I say her name and she turns her head and looks at me with an enormous grin and squealing giggle. She understands a few words now. Dada, Mama, light, book, nose, come on or come here (meaning I'm going to pick her up). I can't get enough of my girl!