Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Kids are Sicker than Your Kids

Did I get punished for saying my kids were cuter than your kids?  Because you KNOW I was just kidding didn't you?  I love kids and think that almost every kid is cute!

In May, both of my kids, my husband and I started coughing (or in the words of Mylie, we "got the coughs").  Mine got better, Richie's lasted a little longer, and Mylie and Michael's got worse!  I took Michael to the doctor first because he's started sounding like a cough I had never heard before.  Can't even explain it or copy it with my own voice.  But it scared me.  When his doctor heard it she clearly got nervous and gave him a breathing treatment right away.  Then she sent us to ER because she was afraid it was bronchitis or the whooping cough.

The ER doctor never heard the cough but diagnosed Michael with an upper respiratory infection.  They did take a snot sample to be safe and said they would call me with results...which they never did.

About a week later I got a call from San Bernardino County Health Department telling me that Michael's test results came back positive but inconclusive for the Whooping Cough (which can be fatal!)  And can somebody please tell me what that means?...positive but inconclusive???  The woman I talked to asked several questions and we came to the conclusion that Mylie probably had it too, but since she's been vaccinated it would last half the time--50 days--and not be as severe.  So poor Michael will be coughing for at least 100 days!  Holy moly.  That makes me sad.

I took Michael back to the doctor who had FINALLY gotten test results back from the hospital and she confirmed it was the whooping cough.  She gave me some samples to take home and do some breathing treatments on my own at home. He's also taking a couple other medications, and to tell the truth, I don't feel like anything has really helped yet.  His doctor told us yesterday at his appointment that we're doing everything we can do for whooping cough, so just keep doing it.

The kids should not be contagious anymore.  They have finished their antibiotics and should be clear and good, although Michael's doctor was nervous about him being around my sister who is currently pregnant with severe hyperemesis...that's a whole other story, my goodness!  But if we were around you when the kids were contagious and now you or your kids have a cough, I apologize from the bottom of my heart!  And PS, I was told that we need whooping cough boosters about every 10 years.  So if yours isn't up-to-date, now is a good time to take care of that since the whooping cough is coming around again!

And because I posted, I can't help but add a couple pictures of my cuties.  Then I'll go look at your blogs to see your little cuties too, and I'll smile.

I'm a Big Girl Now

Mylie officially became a big girl last night.  She made a decision.  A BIG decision, all on her own.  And it almost made me cry watching my baby girl stick to it--to something she really, really wanted!

Sunday evening Mylie got into my jewelry box.  When I caught her she explained to me that she just wanted to wear some earrings.  I told her she couldn't wear my earrings because her ears weren't pierced.  She proceeded to BEG to go get her ears pierced...even AFTER I explained the process to her and told her it was going to hurt!  We agreed that she could get her ears pierced the next day.

Monday morning rolled around and Mylie certainly hadn't forgotten our conversation.  She talked about it with Daddy before he left for work, then we decided we would do it while he was at work.  As we're getting ready for the day she said, "I don't want to get my ears pierced now."  I asked why and she said she was too scared. 

When Daddy came home she changed her mind again.  So for Family Home Evening we went to Victoria Gardens and found Claire's.  When the ear piercing girl came, Mylie got scared again and ran away! Richie assured her that she did not have to get her ears pierced if she didn't want to.  Through tears and I'm sure internal torment, Mylie said she still wanted to do it.  She continued to whimper but was determined to get earrings in those lobes.

We waited until she was really ready and she chose to sit on Daddy's lap and hold a teddy bear for the event...and here you see it, play by play...

She was soooo scared!

Cleaning the ears.

Marking the spots to pierce the ears.

Trying really hard to smile!

Closer up of her trying hard to smile...

And BAM!  Left earring in, no tears!  Second earring, here it comes!

And then the tears flowed freely and immediately.
 But I couldn't believe how brave she was!  She was completely still for the whole process, and even though she knew it was going to hurt and was scared to death, she stuck with her decision.  I couldn't believe it.  To me that says a lot about her character.  I hope her decision making is this strong during her teenage years...I mean as long as her decisions are GOOD! 
She was all smiles after wards, but obviously not for the camera. 
She was happy to get her regular strawberry ice cream
mixed with M&M's.

And there's the beautiful earring!
I will eventually get her smiling with those beauty's.  Mylie girl, you amaze me and I just love you to pieces.  But you're growing up SO fast!  Stop that!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Kids are Cuter than Your Kids

I hope you know I'm kidding.

But of course I do totally think my kids are adorable.  I believe my Graves' genes have taken control of my kids' looks.  I've had a few people tell me Michael looks just like me, and if you could see pics of me at Mylie's age, there's no question that she's my daughter.  I do see Richie in them too though.  I hope they both get Richie's brain power cuz I got nuthin' in my noggin.

Here's some recent pics of the little cuties.

(and PS, after reading all that, it seems as though I think I am adorable.  Well, I do.  Ha ha ha!!!)

What the heck is going on with her shirt???

Isn't Mylie a sweet sister?!

Oooooo I love this one!

Happy Birthday Richie

A little past due, but just wanted to post some pics from Richie's 28th birthday.  You can tell from the pictures that we made it a HUGE deal.  Ha ha.  And yup, there's Mylie unclothed once again. 

The big birthday cupcake has officially become a tradition.  Mylie is totally looking forward to her big pink cupcake for her upcoming birthday.  Now if only I knew how to decorate a cake.  Mine are absolutely hideous.  Any tips out there?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Michael's Blessing

I just love this little guy and adored his blessing outfit as well.  Richie gave such a sweet blessing and we really enjoyed our company--Richie's mom and step-dad, sister Patrice and her family, and brother Ryan and his family.  Most of the pictures of Michael will probably look pretty much the same to you, but to me, each of his different smiles and faces is so precious to me.  I love being a mommy.

Yup she's never dressed.  Whenever we come home from being anywhere she strips immediately!!!

I just LOVE his smile!  And it's soooo easy to make him smile!

Had to have a serious face picture too.  =)