Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mylie LOVES Oklhahoma!

Mylie has been having a blast here in Oklahoma! She absolutely adores her Grandma Jo, Aunts Cassie, Michelle, and Lisa. She has a blast with her cousin Conner and likes looking at her baby cousin Jayden. She's waiting for Grandpa Kevin to get home from a business trip, and will see her Uncle James in December.

Mylie has really enjoyed being outside. She loves splashing in the fountain in the backyard, pushing the blue ball all over the place, playing in the hose, bouncing on the trampoline, going to the splash park, and eating the sand at Lisa's volleyball games. Not to mention, she also loves sucking on anyone's fingers who will offer them to her. Yum Lisa! Your finger is like candy!


We're here in Oklahoma visiting my family. A couple days ago I got to visit with 2 of my best friends! We had babies so close in age we had to get some pics. Lauren had Bryce 1 week before Mylie, and Robyn had Kenzie 1 month after Mylie. Aren't they cuties? I love my girlfriends!

Puppy Chowin'

Mylie thinks she is part puppy. You can see she really enjoys her 4 1/2 pearly white, picket fence teeth. Thanks Mylie for reminding us that those little teeth work really well!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I met a lady the other day at the Department of Economic Security. It was a hot day--in the 90's I believe, and in she walked with a beanie on her head, a sweat shirt, sweat pants, thick socks and shoes. Now I realize this is no excuse for dressing this way in what I consider to be pretty hot weather, but come to find out this lady was ONE HUNDRED EIGHT YEARS OLD! I've never met anyone that old!
Let's paint a better picture here. She was Vietnamese, about 4 feet tall, few if any teeth (I can't recall exactly), super knobby knuckles, and clouded eyeballs. She spoke Vietnamese, walked in on her own (no cane, walker, wheelchair, etc.), and interacted with Mylie but putting her hand or finger out for Mylie to touch or grab. She was actually with her daughter and granddaughter. They were all making a fuss about Mylie's cuteness (who wouldn't!?), then with great pride, her daughter offered to share her mother's age with us.
There's really no point to my story other than to say that I met a really really old person, born in 1901. Boy, she has seen A LOT. Have you ever met a REALLY old person?!