Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Just Can't Resist

I have an obsession.  My baby girl Mylie!  I can't stop taking pictures of her.  It's ridiculous.  I have hundreds.  Possibly thousands.  And I just keep click-click-clicking away.  What's good about snapping shots now is that she will actually smile!  She used to run from the camera every time it came out.  Either that or she would frown, scowl, or turn around.  But now I get 100% cheesy grins from ear to ear.  And with that comes a scrunchy nose and squinty eyes, and it makes me want to keep on snapping, and clicking, and shooting and saying "smile!"  So I guess you might say my second obsession is taking pictures.  Yup, I think so.


Schuyler said...

I'm pretty sure you're allowed to be obsessed with your child. Plus, Mylie is too adorable, I'd be disappointed with you if you weren't!:)

The Glaziers said...

Your obsession is completely justified. She is beyond adorable. Please tell me you've photoshopped those blue eyes in because they are unbelievable.

Heidi and Tony said...

Angie!!!! She is seriously soooo cute. What a sweet little girl. Not surprising given who she has for a mom. What a doll!!!