Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday My My!

Mylie turned two.  TWO!  Already?  Where has time gone?  Don't get me wrong, I can't even remember life without my little lady, but man how time flies!

I love my little Mylie girl.  She gives the best hugs and kisses.  My latest favorite is when she runs up to me, smiles, grabs and pulls my head into her chest, rests her own head on top of my head and squeezes!

I love how she wants to be around me 24-7 (although sometimes I DO need to get something done!)  I even love how she loves to suck on my finger.  Oh it's so sweet.  To others it is weird and gross and should be stopped by now, but to Mylie and me it's one of our most loving connections.  It's her comfort blankie--and it's me!

She loves to play at the park, swim, jump to me in the pool, go to the beach, go to the splash park, read books, do puzzles, push her baby stroller around, play with her baby dolls, put her baby dolls to bed, play with blocks, run, jump, climb, swing, ride her bike, say hi to kids and while pointing to herself exclaim, "This is Mylie!"  She loves to splash in the sink (and her new water table), eat otter pops, cucumbers, mac and cheese, frozen corn and peas, grapes, and strawberries--and anything else sweet.  She lets me do her hair the way I want to--as long as she's plopped in front of the tv, and sometimes with an Otter Pop or a Dum Dum.  Mylie has a face and giggle that make my insides feel joyful!

Mylie does not like being told what to do, getting her diaper changed, washing her hair, drinking milk from a cup, getting water in her eyes while bathing, eating right when she gets up, mommy exercising, being held by strangers, riding in strollers when she wants to walk, and pickles.

We had a little celebration with Mylie on her birthday with just Richie and me, then had a party with the Miller's, Richie's sister's family--Patrice, Matt, Joshua, Amanda, Aaron and Camille.  Camille and Mylie are only 4 months apart.  Mylie thinks Aaron is the funniest person EVER on the face of the Earth.  True statement.

Now I know why I didn't go the route of cake-making for my career!
This is what Mylie discovered when she woke up!
Aaron (the funny one) with Mylie
She was very excited to open presents!  She got blocks and puzzles from us.
Mylie with Camille
Grandma Ameen (Eileen) gave Mylie this AWESOME water table!


Schuyler said...

YAY! Happy birthday Mylie. It looks like she had a blast and that cake looked awesome. How'd you make the giant cupcake??

Karli said...

She is so adorable!! And I loved the pics of her in the rocking chair reading. Too cute... :-)

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday cute girl! She is growing up so fast! I miss you all! Love your guts :)

Joni said...

I love all the photos! The cake turned out so cute! How I miss my little Mylie girl.