Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

We had an AWESOME Cinco de Mayo party with our friends in Tucson.  Valerie and Matt graciously showed and helped me make two pinatas--one for the adults and one for the children.  Unfortunately we didn't make them strong enough so not everyone had a chance to whack.  Fortunately everyone got candy and it was still a blast!  Check out the pinata smackers.  Watching adults hit a pinata blindfolded makes me laugh 'til I cry every time!

Mylie Girl

Brooklyn--Mylie's BFF, so sad to leave her...
It seriously was a very fun party.  We even had people standing around watching the party.  Lots of great food, friends, and fun.  To top it off we had a dance fiesta.  Check out the amazing dancers.  Especially Naomi and Becky.  (Sorry Val and Becky, I couldn't resist).
Becca and Baby Boy H

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Lauren and Trevor said...

looks like a fun party! Was that hard to make a pinata? I LOVE all your pictures of Mylie. Don't feel bad taking so many, keep taking them and keep posting them, because we love them!