Thursday, July 1, 2010

California Girl!

Sunglasses--Grandma Eileen
Dress--Grandma Jo
Dolly--Grandma Wannie
Curly locks--Daddy
Complete and utter cuteness--All of us!!!


Amy said...

Sooooo so cute!!

Val said...

LOVE this picture!!

The Glaziers said...

The last and only time I saw her she was probably 5 months old. So hard to believe she has gotten so big! She is too adorable!!!

deanna said...

I pretty much am wearing the same outfit today....just in black. SO CUTE!

MTMcGee said...

She is one cute California girl!!

Joni said...

ADORABLE! I miss her. Sure you can't go to Utah while we are there??

Mommas said...

SO CUTE! Loved all the hugs in CA.!