Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh, it's Normal

Don't worry, anything on this list (or more) that you experience during pregnancy is completely normal!

Abdominal pain
Pelvic pressure
Weight gain
Super sensitive sense of smell
Bleeding gums
Carpal tunnel
Dizziness and fainting
Excessive salivation
Frequent urination
Gas and bloating
Hair and nail changes
Itchy skin
Leg cramps
Lower back pain
Cramped insides
Kicked in the ribs
Round ligament pain
Shortness of breath
Skin darkening
Stuffy nose
Swollen extremities
Sleepless nights
Varicose veins
Vision changes
Foot growth
Development or growth of moles
Braxton-Hicks contracions
Postpartum depression

Well it's a good thing we don't have to experience ALL of those things. Count all that have applied to you! Let me know how many of these pregnancy symptoms you experienced! My count is 27! I'm sure there are many more that I didn't really want to add to this list...self-explanatory.


Famous Amos said...

I had 32 of those symptoms!! I'm glad to say that almost all of them have gone away!! Darn those few that are still lingering!! Hope you're feeling betting very soon!! Love ya! Can't wait to hear that your sweet baby has arrived!!

Tara said...

I got 29! Man what we go through for these little ones. Good thing they are worth it! (well most of the time... ha ha!)

Val said...

Only 25 for me, but that's for two pregnancies combined. I didn't have all of them during each your symptoms may change next time (hopefully for the better!).

Maria said...

Not a fun list of things. Good thing kids aren't in our plan for awhile!! You are a trooper!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh Ang, I had 38!!! That makes me so sad. That's like only a ocuple I haven't had. But let's see I'm only halfway through this 3rd one. How are you?! Baby here yet?! Get it out!

The Roberts' Report said...

I'm at 27, too. Thankfully you only have a few of those things at a time during the pregnancy and never all at once. NO wonder we are willing to "PUSH" the baby out...wouldn't you after 10 months of all THAT!!

Sibber said...

Isn't motherhood wonderful! :) Love you!

Mommas said...

28, Angie, 28. But the good thing is the baby is worth it! It may take a few months to realize it, but the babies are worth anything. I can not wait to see her!

Rachel said...

I had 26. You forgot to mention broken ribs, or I'd have 27. Funny thing- the ONLY time I have had the round ligament pain was when I was pregnant, but this past week I've had it a few times while climbing in and out of the car or doing other lame movements. Of course I'm not pregnant, so I find it very interesting!

Beth said...

25! I guess I've had a fairly easy pregnancy which I would agree with, but it's still horrible. This baby better be grateful! :) If only he would come!!!

qo1piece said...

Woo Hoo I've only had 28 of those lovely side STRETCH MARKS. Good news, with enough time all the uncomfortable, yucky, memories fade; which, I think, is why we have more of the little critters. Keep us posted on how you are.

Heidi and Tony said...

I had 26. So comparatively, I am pretty lucky I guess. Luckily, you forget all about all of that the first time they give you one of their sweet little smiles! How fun that she will be here any day!!

Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...


jamie & rylan said...

I'm at 24. I guess I should be grateful that I'm on the lower end (considering other who have commented). Does that mean I don't get to complain as much with the next one? Well, I won't tell Rylan about this post. He doesn't need any more excuses to tell me how "easy" I have it compared to others! Hahaha.

Wahlin Family said...

I've only had 20 of those symptons so far, but there will be more to come, I'm just waiting for them to come. I can't believe you're due this week. I'm so excited to see my new little cousin. Can't wait to see the pictures. I'm only 3 months behind you so that will be exciting.

Oleens said...

yup- I got 27 of those- I never was swollen until we went on a cruise when I was 32 weeks along, then my legs and feet were so bad I had to wear flip flops (which were VERY tight) home to salt lake in January!! Good times, Good times!! TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Joni Graves said...

I had 13, guess I'm a lucky one.

Sibber said...

Only 2 days left! GOOD LUCK! We'll be praying all goes well and anxious to hear all about it! Te amo!

Jeni said...

Hi Ang...I keep thinking you should be having your baby any day. Is your Mom going to come and stay with you? I am sooooo excited for you. Girls are SO much fun. Megan should be having her little girl really soon too. How do you track who visits your website? I have something on there now but it tracks the city or state only. I like how yours is. Please tell your family hi for me. Love to you all and good luck with your delivery.

Kate Lorraine said...

I can't wait to see the baby! Good luck, I've had none... but maybe someday! :)

Livi said...

Good post.