Thursday, June 26, 2008

Top 10 Most Boring Updates in the History of the World Ever

1. I am not dilated at all. Aargh.
2. I am 50% effaced. Better!
3. My doctor will be out of town on my due date and after. Rude!
4. Richie's sliced finger from a can of Spaghettio's is practically healed.
5. We qualify for a little moola in Food Stamps. Awesome!
6. Richie has not beat Zelda or Super Mario Galaxy yet. Ha ha!
7. We qualify for Medicaid. Woo hoo!
8. I beat Richie in Yahtzee the majority of the time. Sweet.
9. Tucson is really, really, really hot. For real.
10. We are naming our baby Mylie Joleen. Awww!


jeanine said...

1-3: STINK!
4: that had to hurt!
5: yea!
6: too funny!
7: we were on Medicaid with William... it was fantastic!
8: I beat Rich at Yahtzee most of the time too... he HATES that game. I think he just hates losing.
9: at least the heat is dry?
10: super cute name! I love it!

Waggoner Family said...

Thanks for the update! Keep me posted! Love ya and miss ya!

Maria said...

I love the name you picked out! Sorry it is so hot! I hope you have the AC cranked up! I Told my dad hi for you..he said to tell you hello and good luck with the new baby:)

J n Bee said...

Hey Ang!
I love the baby lingo!
It's as though once you are expecting, you suddenly know a whole new language. You are truly dignified and one day I'll get there with you!
Much love!

Tara said...

YAY I am so excited for you and baby! I love the name too. I can't wait to see pictures of this beautiful baby girl!

The Roberts' Report said...

Ahh man...i think i was dialated to a 2 for like 2 weeks and i still didn't have my babies until a few days after the due date.

isn't it a PAIN to wait!! so hard!!

i totally recommend coming to terms that you won't be on time or even early. that way you won't be crying hysterically when your due date passes. ;) (not that i've ever done that)

qo1piece said...

Dr. Eisenberg was out of town when Gabriel decided to make his entry into the world 2 1/2 weeks early too. Dr. Chen was the one covering for him. I like Dr. Chen a lot too. He's just as calm and reassuring. Maybe she'll come early and he'll still be in town. :)I'm so with you on the miserable heat. Wasn't that rain yesterday great?!? I've had my one summer I appreciate how miserable it is so I can have all spring babies from now on. :-D I still have flashbacks when I see pregnant girls in the summer. Let us know if you need anything over the next little while. Love the name!
Love ya, Mariah

Moeller Fam said...

You crack my up Angie! Ha ha! Congrats on the food stamps and medicaid. I love the name you guys picked out- very sweet. She must not be ready to come out yet. If you need a buddy at the pool, just give me a call anytime. I agree with you- it's so hot here! Love those hormones!

Eldredge's said...

I am so excited for you to have your baby and I am glad you have decided on a name already. I like it.

Mommas said...

I just can't wait to have her here.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the updates. I know how hard it is to wait. I hope you don't go as far overdue as I did with Kamryn. That was hard! I'm excited to meet her!

Cherise said...

How are you hanging in there? I am about to die, and wish my (official) due date was in 13 days! lucky!

Kristi said...

Hi there! I absolutely love the name! I think the nursery is adorable too! You go Martha.
Good luck with the new little one, what a great mama you will be.

Kristi #306

Heidi and Tony said...

Thanks for your fun comment. I was so excited to see your blog too. How fun that you are expecting so soon. You will be such a wonderful little mom. I hope you are sleeping all you can until she comes. Maybe she will be a great sleeper though, you never know. Anyways, good to hear from you.

Tiffany Romney said...

Yay! I love the name! that is so cute. And I hope the baby comes soon. I can't wait to see her.

Kris said...

Your nursery is so cute. I'm so excited for you! Only a few days to go! My sis was due sat so hopefully she has her baby any day! It's baby time!

jamie & rylan said...

I'm so glad you guys decided on Mylie. I know there was a bit of a debate around the time we left the ward. I just absolutely love it! Super Cute!