Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Kids are Cuter than Your Kids

I hope you know I'm kidding.

But of course I do totally think my kids are adorable.  I believe my Graves' genes have taken control of my kids' looks.  I've had a few people tell me Michael looks just like me, and if you could see pics of me at Mylie's age, there's no question that she's my daughter.  I do see Richie in them too though.  I hope they both get Richie's brain power cuz I got nuthin' in my noggin.

Here's some recent pics of the little cuties.

(and PS, after reading all that, it seems as though I think I am adorable.  Well, I do.  Ha ha ha!!!)

What the heck is going on with her shirt???

Isn't Mylie a sweet sister?!

Oooooo I love this one!


Rachel said...

So, so, so cute Angie! And you are adorable too, by the way!

Mariah said...

Hey you're not supposed to say that out loud...only to your husband when no one else is listening. ;-D ha ha ha ha That being said you DO have dang adorable kids! I love the pictures. I can't believe how much hair Michael has...I think he has more than me.

Joni said...

I can see Richie in Michael big time! Mylie is most definitely a little Angie.