Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Richie

A little past due, but just wanted to post some pics from Richie's 28th birthday.  You can tell from the pictures that we made it a HUGE deal.  Ha ha.  And yup, there's Mylie unclothed once again. 

The big birthday cupcake has officially become a tradition.  Mylie is totally looking forward to her big pink cupcake for her upcoming birthday.  Now if only I knew how to decorate a cake.  Mine are absolutely hideous.  Any tips out there?


Mariah said...

I love the bottle next to his mouth in the picture with Richie leaning over to blow out the candles. THAT is a great portrayal of the life of a multi-tasking parent.

Joni said...

Michelle is a great cake decorator, she took a class at Hobby Lobby!

deanna said...

amazing cake!