Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some Summer Goals

Paint the baby's dresser
Learn to make bows
Make a baby book
Keep the house clean
Finish the nursery
Write thank you cards
Read some books

Beat Zelda on Nintendo Wii
Beat Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii
Watch old BYU football games


Waggoner Family said...

I think Rich needs to help with your goals! :) Love you and Miss you!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh, you're about to have that baby.

Nice goals, Richie.

Tara said...

I've said it before - it's a man's world alright!!

How are you?!

Rachel said...

You are down to less than a month! I can't wait to meet my newest niece! Love the goals. I'm not surprised by Richie's AT ALL!

Eldredge's said...

Angie you forgot a goal--Deliver a baby!

jeanine said...

You should be the one relaxing before the baby comes! Get Richie to help you with your goals!

Mommas said...

What about HAVE the baby. I can not wait to see this new little person. I will send you pictures of her blessing dress soon, and the dress itself also. Love you! Richie - get up off that couch!

Paul, Janie, and McKay said...

I think pretty soon your main goal will be "Get baby to sleep through the night..." Having a baby is such a fun adventure! Heck, we're doing it AGAIN!!!