Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun Times

We really had a fun summer with all we got to do, places we got to visit, and people we got to spend time with. Oklahoma and Utah were our highlights, but we've also really enjoyed spending time with friends here in Tucson.
At the end of July my good friend Kristin and husband David and son Adam drove through Tucson on their way to Oklahoma. We had the pleasure of having them stay a night! We had so much fun catching up, chatting, and taking a morning swim. David even went on a morning jog. HOT!

We went camping with several families on Mt. Lemmon. We had a ball. Especially the night when all the kids kept each other up all night long with their waking up and crying (all the kids) or even giggling! Who giggles at 3:30 am? Oh, that would be Naomi and Gabe! With no naps and exhausted little kids, we didn't hear a peep the second night! Yay for a much better night's sleep. We also played games (our favorite being Sterling's rendition of the Newlywed Game) ate a bunch of food, walked around the lake (looks more like a very small pond though), and watched our kiddos throw sand all over their heads and their friends' heads. Fun times! We'd do it again!


Linda said...

I love camping babies--so dirty! But that only means they are having fun. Thought you had dropped off the blogging world, good to see you're back.

Amy and Clark said...

The is one cute little girl! Can't believe how big she's getting! Look's like you guys have been having loads of fun!