Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is my next favorite holiday after Christmas! (Fourth of July in Utah anyway, that state REALLY knows how to celebrate!) We spent it this year in Orem with Richie's entire immediate family. It was so much fun! We had a barbecue and went to the Pleasant Grove fireworks, which were great! We did sparklers on the grass at the junior high where we sat to watch the fireworks. I love sparklers! I love fireworks! Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Fourth of July? Mylie was intrigued with the sparklers and fireworks too. I have a feeling that she will also love this holiday! Here are some snapshots of the family at the fireworks field!
1. Mylie
2. Our Fam
3. Top: niece Jessica, Sis-in-law Pamela, Mommas (Eileen), Sis-in-law Patrice, niece Jeanette. Bottom: Sis-in-law Rachel with nephew Landon, me and Mylie, Sis-in-law Schuyler.
4. Nephews Brevyn and Aaron
5. Mylie with her cousin Joshua
6. Neices Amanda, Addy and Kamryn
7. Ryan and Schuyler
8. Jeanette, Michael, Pamela, Jessica
9. Matt and Camille (and Troy back there!)
10. Rachel and Landon
11. Troy

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Becky said...

I don't think we did much more than say Hi, but it was fun to see your family at the reunion. And I love the picture of Pam and her family! Have a wonderful day, Becky