Monday, April 21, 2008

100 Things You Don't Really Need to Know About Me!

It has been very fun to read some of my friends 100 things about them. I hope I can entertain you with at least one of the things the way I have been entertained to tears with some of yours!

1. I love Richie Whitaker.
2. I floss my teeth every day.
3. I love having girlfriends.
4. A student at my school found out I was pregnant. He told his mother he thought I was just getting fat.
5. I like my feet but Richie makes fun of one of my toes. He says it's flat on top.
6. I want to get my ears stapled to my head so they don't stick out.
7. I am crazy about my nieces and nephews!
8. I don't have a middle name.
9. I love music that my parents listened to.
10. I never want to have a pet.
11. Actually I would want fish, but wouldn't ever want to clean the tank out.
12. I had a hamster when I was younger. I went on vacation and forgot to get somebody to take care of it. When I got home, it was dead.
13. I have a long board that is almost as tall as me!
14. I love to do anything outdoors except rock climb. (I went once and couldn't do it. I have NO upper body strength.)
15. I am really close to my grandparents and relatives.
16. I went to Ricks College, BYU-Hawaii, and UVSC.
17. I wish I could dance.
18. I wish I could write.
19. I love to put Vasaline in my nostrils before I go to bed.
20. When I move to a different home, I can't "rest" until everything is unpacked and in its place.
21. I love shopping so much. I can't go into stores anymore because I can't say no to something I want.
22. I hate when anything touches my nose!
23. The freckles on my face have faded since I was a kid, but now I'm already getting aging marks on my skin!!!
24. I love to read but never do.
25. When I was little, I found a large, flattened, dried, dead toad in the middle of the road in front of my house. I decoratively put toilet paper in the bottom of a box, placed the road kill neatly in it, wrapped the box, and gave it to my mom for Mother's Day!
26.This is a short story I dictated for my mom to write when I was 4 years old. "There was once this man and he was poor. He was sad and lonely. But one thing he couldn't wait until his wife could have a baby. And one more thing, he couldn't wait. It was a boy and he was so happy about that and he wasn't poor anymore. And he had a horse and he was so happy. But one thing he hated and he hated the scissors. The end."
27. I am scared to break rules.
26. Besides Christmas, my favorite holiday is the 4th of July. (In Utah).
27. I love chick flicks.
28. Actually I love pretty much every movie I see.
29. I love having people over but I always feel like I am a horrible entertainer/hostess!
30. I absolutely HATE drains.
31. Some of my favorite places in the world are: Lake Powell, Havasupai Falls--Grand Canyon, Switzerland, Italy, Ecuador, home, and my parents' home.
32. I love to ride my bike.
33. I took skiing classes during college at Grand Targhee.
34. I lived in Ecuador for about 6 months total and still stink at Spanish.
35. I don't think I am smart at all.
36. I am very self-conscious about my unsmartness. (See, that's not even a word...)
37. I can sleep any time, anywhere.
38. I once fell asleep on a plane before takeoff and didn't even realize we took off!
39. I fell asleep in front of my departure gate at the airport another time. I didn't wake up when everyone got on the plane. After everyone had boarded, somebody tapped me and asked if I was supposed to be getting on that plane.
40. I went skydiving, and it wasn't even scary, but I thought my ears were going to explode!
41. I have to use the restroom more than anybody I have ever met. (Even before I was pregnant!)
42. I want to name my daughter Mylie Joleen.
43. I took many types of lessons and sports growing up--piano lessons, singing lessons, guitar lessons, clarinet lessons, ballet lessons, jazz lessons, tap lessons, swimming lessons, soccer, softball, and volleyball.
44. If I could be anything besides a teacher, I would want to be a guitarist/singer, an artist, or a photographer.
45. I can't really decide what my favorite color is.
46. I wish I could sew.
47. I "ran" track in high school for social reasons. I tried hurdles. After my first meet, my coaches never made me compete in a meet again, (that's how good I was) but I continued to practice and work out with the team so I could socialize!
48. I've never had a bloody nose.
49. I've broken my collar bone 3 times, my arm, and my ankle.
50. I got a skin graft when I was 4. The docs took skin off my bum and stitched it onto my ankle.
51. My favorite sports to play are soccer, volleyball, and softball.
52. I didn't watch any tv from Junior High until I met Richie. Now I'm addicted!
53. My favorite tv shows are: So You Think You Can Dance and The Office. My fave used to be Full House.
54. A few people have told me I look like Kristen Johnson from 3rd Rock from the Sun. The sad part is I think she is very unattractive.
55. Two of my favorite movies are foreign films.
56. I've been to 21 states.
57. I don't wear my seat belt in the back seat.
58. I put the shoulder strap of my seat belt under my armpit.
59. I put my metal eyelash curler under my armpit to warm it up before I use it.
60. I check my friends' blogs every day.
61. I got married in the Manti, Utah Temple.
62. I'm usually photogenic in my face, but not my body. =)
63. I eat chocolate every day.
64. I love to eat.
65. I often feel guilty eating.
66. This is my last year teaching--5 years down!
67. I've had the nicknames Angelina, Angelina Concertina, Angie Baby, AJ, Angelica Divine, Ang and Little Sh_ _!
68. I like to feel in control without looking like I am.
69. I used to play with worms and cut them in half with safety pins.
70. I always had a trampoline in the backyard growing up. I can do front and back flips and hand springs on the tramp!
71. I want to live in California.
72. I am a Gospel Doctrine teacher in my ward.
73. I've never disliked a calling until now.
74. I love camping.
75. I call Richie "Stinky Boy" and he calls me "Sweetie." (He's nice even when I'm not!)
76. I'm the meaner one in our marriage.
77. I am very feeling oriented, but often feel awkward expressing my feelings--especially to the people closest to me.
78. I'm very sensitive to smells.
79. Richie thinks I am overly sensitive to sound as well.
80. The sun makes me sneeze and my eyes water.
81. Black licorice, even the smell, could possibly make me throw up.
82. I'm usually kind of cold.
83. I love to wear makeup and jewelry.
84. I experienced culture shock moving fro Tucson, Arizona to Oklahoma.
85. I'm scared of breast seems so WIERD!
86. When kids or my siblings express their talents, it usually makes me cry.
87. I've never had braces.
88. I've recently become more conscious of our earth. I've started with recycling plastic bags.
89. I get startled easily.
90. When people try to scare me it always works. Then it makes me mad.
91. I am a horrible back seat driver.
92. Growing up I always thought I would be married by 19. Thank goodness that thought didn't work!
93. If I married Richie at 19, he would have only been 15.
94. I think it would be nice to adopt a kid or two from another country.
95. I need to go visiting teaching in 30 minutes.
96. I'm terrible at recapping experiences or retelling something somebody has told me.
97. I want to own a scooter to ride around town and the mountains.
98. I have a lot of clothes in my closet that don't fit me anymore, yet I continue to hold on to them in hopes that I will lose weight!
99. It bothers me when people breath loudly--unless they are sleeping.
100. I'm done! Tag, you're it!


Whitehorn Family said...

Holy Freaking Cow!!!
Boy did I learn a lot and remember a lot about you. I think I had a comment on almost everything you said. So one, time I'll write them all down for you via email. I don't think i could come up with so many things that are interesting. Fun post!!

Mommas said...

A dead frog for Mother's Day!? I think I prefer my digital camera, thank you. Angie, you are so wonderful. I am so glad Richie married you. Oh, and by the way, after the initial "learning how", breast feeding is the best. Thank you for the new blog. I love reading them.

jeanine said...

Wow! That was a fun post! I learned a ton about you! The dead frog for mother's day was classic. I didn't know you ran hurdles... I did too. Breastfeeding isn't so bad either. And I had no idea that Richie was so much younger than you! Way to rob the cradle. And I'm so with you... I hate loud breathers--even when they are sleeping!

Rachel said...

That was really fun Angie! I've read a few people's 100 Things lately that were NOT fun to read (not you Ryan, that was fun too.) Good job! I think the nose thing is funny. I also enjoyed the story of your dead mother's day gift! I'm glad I know you, and now I know you better!

Maria said...

Wow, 100 things! I am impressed! I wouldn't know where to start:) It was fun reading them!

Beth said...

Wow Angie, you did it! I'm very impressed and they aren't boring at all! Lots of them made me laugh! How fun.

Devo said...

Amazing! I think the story you wrote when you were four was my favorite. Now it's Richie's turn!

Tara said...

YAY! it is about time you blogged sister! I was getting worried there for a while.

Anyway I loved your list and I love you! You are so hilarious. I remember how you would tell me that when you slept next to your sister you would smack her every time she moved or breathed too loud.

Breastfeeding does seem kind of weird at first, but once I got the hang of it (which took me FOREVER) it is easy and kind of a bonding experience. But don't feel pressured! Just do what feels right to you. That's my lil spiel. you are going to be such a great momma!

Eldredge's said...

That was very entertaining. I learned a lot about you.

Kate Lorraine said...

I laughed several times... it was fun to learn more about you and remember other things from the good ol' days! I agree about no pets and the crying over kids and people I love. You are funny about the nose thing. Oh, black licorice makes me sick too, yuck! :)

The Roberts' Report said...

You and your hubby are totally funny. WHO KNEW!! ;) It floors me that he didn't think he'd marry a white girl. Little did he know you were so hot!! ;)