Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Baby

Well I've been waiting for something exciting to happen so I could post again. Seems like the only exciting things going on around here are, well, nothing really. But I did go to the doctor today and I did get to see my little baby through the ultrasound! Now I realize this is not quite as exciting to you as it is to Richie and me. But here's what we saw.

The baby seems somewhat real now. The only thing that really felt different before was the constant (no not just morning) but continuous nausea. I am really enjoying it.
We got 3 pics, so why not share them all? Picture number 2:

Wow not much different hu? Well it is when you're watching it live! Yeah, we saw it moving its...can I call it arms and legs?...appendages I suppose may be a better description for now. It even turned a little, and we saw its little heart beating! Richie thinks it's a boy and keeps calling it "him" and "little dude." I really have no clue what it is, but I'm going to say girl so I have a 50% chance of being right and saying, "See! I told you! I knew it all along!" It feels so good to be right sometimes.
Here's the last picture. Thanks for reading!


jeanine said...

How fun! Seeing your baby's heart beat for the first time is awesome!

Rachel said...

Wow- there is my new little niece or nephew! Amazing. I can't wait to see this little one in person! Love you guys!

Tara said...

Oh my gosh! ANG that is awesome! congratulations! You guys are the cutest couple too.. I love the picture on the left of your blog. You are just gorgeous! Oh I am so excited for you - you will make a great Mom.


Whitehorn Family said...

Angie and Richie,
I'm so excited for the both of you again.
An ultrasound already! Many fun visits in the weeks to come, lol.
Sorry Richie, I'm rooting for a girl so my little Will can marry into your family.
Love you guys to pieces

lacy said...

It was so fun to get your note on our blog . . . I have missed you too! Laura gives me updates on you every once and awhile, but this will be much better.

CONGRATS on being pregnant! That is so exciting. July is a good month too . . . my daughter was born on the 12th though, so I'm biased. I hope you get over the nausea soon and that your second trimester will be much better. I am anxious for you to find out whether its a boy or girl!

Well, please keep in touch!

Kecia said...

Richie should be rooting for a he can call her Whit Whit! Congratulations to both of you. I'm glad everything is going well (abd like it or not - the morning sickness is the BEST sign of a healthy pregnancy!)

Amy said...

YEAH!! A little baby! You will be so amazed at how much the baby changes in 11 weeks or so when you have your second ultrasound...are you going to find out the sex?? Too fun!! So what is your official due date?? Love and miss you! Your old students are so excited!

Kim said...


SO So exciting! I love the pictures. There is nothing like seeing your baby for real. I just saw mine last week and the first thought that always crosses my mind is "oh good there really is a baby in there!" That is so exciting. When is your due date? Mine is Aug. 2nd--I think I'm like 5 weeks behind you right? Love your guts!