Monday, December 31, 2007


How you can you explain the excitement, the joy, the whole feeling of being home for Christmas? I looked forward for a year to going home to Oklahoma for the holidays and spending time with family. As the time grew closer my excitement magnified and I could barely contain myself!

The drive was very long and the roads were slick. So slick in fact that as we were rounding a corner to enter a turnpike, our wheels just wouldn't have it. They decided to slip off the road and slide sideways down the dead grass, wet, icy, muddy, mushy, 20 feet steep hill! The car worked relentlessly to work its way back up this unforgiving hill in hopes to make it back on the not-so-kind road (for it would literally die if it missed the BYU bowl game.) After getting stuck a couple times, mud covering our car, and several attempts to 'gun' it up the hill, our car finally made its way to the top of the road, unharmed, yet with a new, darker appearance. Maybe it thought it was some sort of off-roading vehicle, made to defeat the rugged terrain!

We're still here in Oklahoma and don't want to go back to Tucson! Going home just means going back to work and waiting another 6 months for the baby to come.


Whitehorn Family said...

You describe your story in such an optimisitic way, that must have been really scary for you guys.
How long was the drive?
I can understand not wanting to get back to the normal grind of work. As soon as I get over my sickness, Ben and everyone goes back to work, yuck.

Kris said...

Girl! I'm glad you are ok! I HATE icy roads which is why I LOVE AZ!

Megara said...

I'm so glad you two are OK, and I'm glad you safely made it back for the game! I hope you are so happy! You deserve it.

Rachel said...

I'm glad that you had such a nice break in OK! I'm also glad that you made it there and back in the little red car. Who would have known it had the guts to get you up the hill?

Tara said...

Freak that is scary! I am glad you guys are ok!

I can't wait to hear more updates about the baby in yo belly! :)

Amy said...

I'm glad you lived to tell the story! At first I was thinking..."she shouldn't be 4 wheeling in her condition!!"

Dansie Family said...

hi angie. i found your blog via graham's via brianna's. congrats on the pregnancy. have fun.
elizabeth (fisher) dansie