Monday, July 18, 2011

Mylie Turns 3

Mylie's at that age now where she gets excited for upcoming events.  Holidays, birthdays, etc.  We'd been talking about her upcoming birthday for about 2 months.  She was always asking questions about it, talking about when it was her birthday...then, telling us what she wanted, saying that she wouldn't ever be 2 again (which actually made her a little upset, she said she wanted to be 2 forever!), practicing putting 3 fingers up and more! 

The night before her birthday she was super excited.  We told her when she woke up in the morning it would be her birthday...little did we know she would be up at 3:00 in the morning!  She came into our room and asked, "Is it my birthday now?"  To which we responded, as nicely as one can at 3 am, "No Mylie it's not your birthday yet.  Go back to bed."  She disappeared.  Around 4:15 when Richie got up with Michael he went in the living room where he discovered Mylie rolling around on the couch, still awake.  We thought she was rolling with excitement, but due to a conversation we had with her yesterday, she was actually trying to hide from Richie!  Ha ha!  She asked Richie if she was 3 yet.  She asked if it was her birthday and if she could open her presents.  She wasn't about to go back to bed.  That's when I got up and took her to her room and laid down with her.  I knew I needed to get her back to sleep before the sun started showing AT ALL, because once there's the slightest bit of sunlight, Mylie demands it's time to wake up.  But if she's sleeping through the light, she sleeps longer.  So as the nice mommy that I am, I told her that if she didn't go back to sleep right now, no presents in the morning.  And guess what, she went to sleep.

We got up at 7:30 (and that's sleeping in for us!)  Mylie didn't want to wait until the evening to open her presents so we did it right then.  She had been asking for a bike, so we got her a princess bike and Dora helmet.  She ended up liking the helmet more than the bike!  We did get the bike a little big because it was either get a 10-inch princess bike or a 16-inch.  There were no 12 or 14 inch princess bikes.  Luckily her feet still touch the pedals.  And the bike will last her longer.  It was pretty hilarious taking her to ride for the first time.  She kept pedaling backwards which would stop her abruptly.  She would watch her feet instead of where she was going and run into bushes, grass, benches, etc.  I was trying pretty hard not to laugh.

When Richie got home from work we went to Chuck E. Cheese, which Mylie was dying to do.  She had a ball, and Michael was perfect.  Side note:  I have the most wonderful little boy!  He is the best baby ever!

After that we had cake and ice cream--and Mylie was super excited about the traditional, big cupcake for her birthday.  She kept reminding me that it would be pink.  My cake decorating skills are still pretty awesome.  I'll see my sister this week, so hopefully she'll provide me with some good tips!

And now, the pictures, in no particular order.  In fact, pretty well OUT of order. 


Lauren and Trevor said...

Happy Birthday Mylie!!! What darling pictures - she reminds me so much of you Angie!

Welcome said...

Angie...I found you!! haha. Hey your cake for Miley turned out great! I think all your hard work to make her day special looks great!

Moeller Family said...

Mylie is such a beauty! I love the pics of her blowing out her candles and sitting by her big cupcake. The story of waking up is hilarious! Michael looks like a sweet baby! Glad to see you guys are doing well! :)