Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Boy

Boy oh boy have I got a lot to catch up on.  For my future blogging reference:

St. Patty's Day Party
Cinco de Mayo Party
Visiting Oklahoma
Going Away Party
Las Vegas
St. George
How Much I Like California
How Much I Love California
How Much I Adore California

That's right.  I guess I can just go into the last 3 items listed.  Why do I love California?  Well funny I ask because almost everyone I know would say, (or think, I could tell it in their faces), "WHY would you want to move to California?  It's too expensive, too crowded, and the air pollution is horrible!)  Well phooey to money, people and pollution, I don't care!  First off, money is overrated (HA!--I tell myself that to make it bearable).  Second, I LOVE people, so what's the big deal?  Third, the pollution clears up for a good part of the year.  I'll take it for the AWESOME weather that I get here.  May I inform you that our weekly forecast is in the 80's as a high ALL week long.  And not to mention it's nice and cool in the late afternoons/evenings, throughout the night and in the morning.  Which makes fora nice, cool breeze from the open windows during these times.  Have I convinced you yet?  Well no worries, I'm just getting started.  We are only 15 minutes fro a major airport, 25 minutes from a temple, 4 minutes from our church, 1 hour from the beach, 40 minutes from Disneyland, and 1 hour from Richie's sister and her family.  We have grass, trees, mountains and singing birds.  And the shopping here is amazing!  You've got every store you'd ever need and then some.  I could go on if I thought about it longer, but I'm done talking.  I'm done trying to convince you.  If that didn't then I don't know what would.  Perhaps for some of you it will just convinced you to take a little vacation out here and visit me!  TTFN.  =)


Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Well my sister would agree with you. She just moved to San Diego in January and they LOVE IT!! That is great that you love it to. It's so nice to move somewhere that you absolutely love!!

Linda said...

I loved living in CA as well. Too bad it wasn't home! Gosh, I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye to you and I never had you guys over for dinner. How close to the 210 are you? Our home (which we are trying to sell again) is about 40 minutes via the 210 from the 15. I love how they calculate in highway numbers rather than addresses or even time. Good luck with everything.

Val said...

You convinced me!! I'm packing my bags and heading out to visit!!

Lauren and Trevor said...

I'm glad that you are liking it there! I want to come and visit you!

Mommas said...

You're right. I've been there and can add a second witness to everything you just said. SO glad you are happy there. I hope the year is a wonderful one for you as well. Love you all!

MTMcGee said...

Glad you are enjoying California!! We miss seeing you at church!

Becca S. said...

It's about time you posted about california! i"m glad you finally got settled! I'm glad you love it, but you can at least pretend you miss us;) I guess we'll have to come visit!