Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

I love Christmas at "home".  Don't you always consider your parents' house home?  I love the feeling, the music, the comfort, the food, the games, the movies, the activities and especially the company I'm with.

One evening we made deliciously delightful gingerbread houses.  However, Richie's creative brain and my creative touch got smashed by our competitors.

Due to my parents' package of broken gingerbread, they really had to get creative!  And because of their ingenuity and understanding of our current economy, all our guests voted their house the best.

 I don't know what those people were thinking!  If I were a home buyer, I certainly would have chosen this house.  Nicely kept, neatly decorated, color coordinated, delicious! James, Corie and Lisa, my vote was for yours!  Theirs and ours tied for last. But I do give it up to mom and dad for making the best of what they had.

Second place house:  Cassie and Bryon's.  PINK.  Fun. Crazy.  Lots of stuff ALL over it.  Kind of like the place they live in now.  Tee hee hee.

Third place house:  Michelle and JoRyan.  Very inventive.  They took the pre-made/pre-cut pieces of gingerbread and created their own castle!  Not to mention we've got Mario and Luigi guarding the castle with Princess on top.  Sweet.  I love Nintendo.  I love Miche and JoRyan's castle.

And Richie's and mine.  Not bad, not great, not original, not exciting.  Organized, Christmasy, and WE liked it!  (until we saw everyone else's!)

Here are our houses all together.


jeanine said...

HOw fun is that! I keep seeing everyone post about their gingerbread houses... and it makes me so sad that I forgot this year!!!

Linda said...

How fun for all of you--and very creative candy houses. I made two different ones with grandsons, so fun to do. I've missed your posts!

Rachel said...

So fun. I love all of them!