Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ohio Baby!

In October I met up with some of my best friends for a Girls' Trip (plus our kids).   We met at Lauren's house in a teeny tiny town in Ohio called The Plains.   I knew we would have a great time together, but I certainly had even more fun than I imagined!

We visited an old, enormous, abandoned insane asylum called the Ridges, ate some disgusting AND delicious food at an eclectic Indian Restaurant in Athens, shopped the no name shops along the red brick roads in town, visited a dazzling art museum in which all the art was created by disabled people, walked the rows of inviting food and folk music at the Farmer's Market, had a delightful picnic at a lake that stood as still as glass, played at the park, and took insane amounts of pictures.  I couldn't believe the beauty of Ohio in fall.  The leaves were so vibrant and beautiful that I couldn't stop ooooing and aaaahing at their magnificence.

This picture was taken by Lauren's husband, Trevor

We also drew each other's names from a hat and had 20 minutes to shop for that person's "birthday present" for 2009.  Later we gathered together and had a party for us all and exchanged gifts and giggles.  Not to mention we made enormous amounts of food and treats that made me gain at least 5 pounds during the week. 

Lauren summed up nicely on her blog of some of the things she learned from our "extravaganza"!
1.) A good dose of laughter is healthy – I need to do that more often
2.) Stories are always so much funnier many years later –especially when told from another’s perspective
3.) You can never have too many cooks in the kitchen
4.) There’s something about food and happiness that go together really well
5.) It doesn’t matter if you buy matching clothes if you all live in different states
6.) All kids LOVE and need their mommies
7.) 6 adults + 5 kids in one small house with one bathroom (and one bathroom plug) works out just fine
8.) 1:00 am talks can be very enlightening
9.) I'm not sure if personality tests are all that accurate  :)
10.) I need my girlfriends

I agree with Lauren.  I need my girlfriends.  I love my girlfriends!  I only wish all the girls could have will happen in the future.  What a great week!


Kristin said...

Wish I could have been there! Looks like you ladies had so much fun!! Miss ya.

Brittanie said...

Good times, good times! I am already looking forward to getting together again. Such a great boost and loved loved loved all the laughing.

Lauren and Trevor said...

You got some good pictures! WOW! What a blast it was to be together. I love that we got to do that!
Your Halloween party looked like a blast. Oompa loompas is a fabulous did you come up with that? Very fun.

Lauren and Trevor said...

Do we get to see the Angie and Richie oompa loompas?