Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9 Months Down...WAY too Fast!

Mylie understands a few phrases now. It's really fun to tell her to do something and then she does it! Here are a few things she can do on command:

1. Clap your hands! (LOVE it!)
2. Dance! (Shakes her head no as fast as she possibly can, rattling her brain!)
3. Shake it! (Rattles, balls, head, whatever!)
4. Give ____ kisses! (Nice, wet, slobbery, tongue sticking out kisses)
5. Turn off the light! (I hold her next to the switch, and she flips it off)
5. Give me a hug! (She's not a cuddler so will only do hugs when she's in the mood)
6. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (She loves this song, and the second she hears the first 3 words, she's already clapping!)
7. Wave to ____ (Just learning this one and getting it down)
8. Turn the page! (This one totally surprised me!)
9. How big is Mylie? (Throws her arms above her head)

She also understands the words and phrases:
1. Bunny
2. Eat
3. Daddy
4. Light
5. Fan
6. Outside
7. Come here
8. Ball
9. Baby
10. Mommy
11. Bath
12. Change your diaper
13. Look
14. Mylie
15. Phone
16. Winnie the Pooh
17. Drink of water
18. Read a book
19. Ducky
20. Doggy

It's so fun to watch her grow and develop!


Sharron said...

Time sure goes fast doesn't it? She just gets cuter all the time too. Is she crawling yet?

Brittanie said...

She is getting so big. I just love her eyes!

Thank you for your comment on the dancing with Reagan. I didn't mean it to sound like she is "good":). I need a proof reader! Actually, she is one of the older girls in the class because she is near the cut off on age. The rest of the girls are turning 3 soon. She is just older and so it isn't very challenging for her anymore.

Joni said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they learn? So cute! I miss her!

Justin & Kellie Curtis said...

How fun, I can't believe how much they comprehend so fast! She is so so Cute. I love her easter dress.

Tara said...

It goes by way too fast doesn't it! It makes me want to cry sometimes when I think about how old my little guy is getting. Ang she is such a beautiful baby. You guys did good work!

John and Tiff said...

She is a reader at heart! Turn the page...that is so cute. How are you guys? I miss you at Forbes. I was just thinking the other day how much I miss seeing you and talking to you at school. Tell Richie and Mylie hello for me!

Mommas said...

It is just so fun to watch her, period. I sure had fun watching her last week. Sounds like she has learned new things even since then. I guess that means I need to see her again!

Jamie said...

she's so grown up!

Lauren and Trevor said...

Wow! I am so impressed! You're still a great teacher even though you're not in a classroom. It's so fun to see them learn.
love ya - Lauren

Donna Black Davis said...

Mylie is so cute. Darryl had a fit that we had to change the month on the calendar because now he can't see Mylie. So I'm gonna prints some pics off your blog so Darryl will be happy. We need to see you guys. We're going to Provo for July 4th. Come up. Come up!!!! I love you guys so much. You're an amazing writer and you'll be so glad you wrote all this down. Back it up in case something happens. lyg

Cassie said...

I am so anxious to see you guys! I can't wait to see Mylie do all of her sweet tricks!!! Love you guys!

wanda.blck said...

Angie, Mylie is adorable. We kept talking about her (Don, Bud, Helen and I) all the way back to Pheonix after she "danced" for us and mimiced Donald Duck, etc. etc. She is amazing. Did you see my picture of her on my blog? Love