Friday, November 2, 2007


For Halloween I was a pirate. I wore a ratty black wig that looked totally great on me. So great in fact that one of my students asked me, "So, you didn't brush your hair this morning Mrs. Whitaker?" To which I responded no. She continued, "Well I guess that makes sense. Pirates never brushed their hair anyways since they probably didn't have brushes." I nodded in agreement.

Another student asked, "So, did you dye your hair or something?" Again I said yes. He looked closely and pointed to the side of my head commenting, "Well, you missed a spot!"


Liz said...

So Fun Angie!!!
We can blog together now.
I have to say you and Richie look great in your costumes. I have to admit I didn't dress up this year, but Ben did for work. He wore a blue polo and I helped put cotton balls all over and he when people asked him what he was he said he was partly clouded with a chance of showers by spraying them with water from a squirt bottle. I had a good laugh.
Welcome to the fun blogging world.

Kim said...

Angie! Yeah, you got a blog too. By the way, it is really, super cute! I love the story about your kid asking you about your hair, that makes me laugh. I know, I totally felt weird the first few times doing it, but it's totally worth it to keep in touch with people. I miss you tons!


Rachel said...

YEA!!! I've been checking your blog to see if you'd added anything new. I love the comments from your kids- and I love both of your costumes!

Amy said...

Hi Ang! I'm glad you let me know you were blogging. I'll put you on my list! Sounds like things are going good. You haven't been up to Utah and not called me, right?? Your costumes were great! I posted our Halloween pics this year just the other day. Isn't Halloween so much fun!! I LOVE it!

Kris said...

You're the coolest teacher